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Ways to Protect Your Flooring and When You Need Denver Hardwood Repair Services

November 22, 2017

Whether you have brand new hardwood flooring or have gorgeous aged floors, you want to care and tend to them. With proper care, your hardwood will last for decades. To ensure you get a return on your investment, make sure you are taking the steps to keep them in premier shape. Use these hardwood preventative care tips, learn about top flooring repairs and maintenance, and when to hire the pros for your Denver hardwood repair services.

Hardwood Preventative Care Tips

Outside elements can be detrimental to hardwood flooring. This is why it is best to take a few extra precautions to avoid scuffs and scratches. First, make sure you take your shoes of at the door. Flat shoes can have pieces stuck to the bottoms that can scratch floors. Then shoes with heels can also easily hurt them. Next, when moving furniture around, make sure they are not dragged across the floor. If you are strong enough, pick it up to move it. If not, you can purchase pads to place on the bottoms of the legs so you can slide without worry. If you have pets, make sure their nails are trimmed regularly. Next, make sure you keep your floors clean. Hardwood typically needs to be swept a few times a week. If water spills onto your floors, clean it up immediately as it can warp them if it soaks in.

Flooring Repairs and Maintenance

From time to time over the years, it’s hard to be able to always be perfect and not have any issues with your hardwood. When hardwood has become damaged, you do not always have to replace it after certain issues. Refinishing can get the job done. When refinishing floors, you are sanding and removing a layer off the hardwood. This will rid your floor of the scuffs and scratches and from here you can even re-stain it for a change in look. For maintaining, as stated above, make sure to sweep almost daily. From here, you should mop on a weekly basis. There are a variety of go-to tools available to make mopping easier. You can do a more thorough quality cleaning once per year.

When to Hire the Pros

When it comes to the minor scrapes and scratches, if you feel comfortable, you could handle those yourself. However, there are other circumstances in which local professionals are best to handle. This would include services such as refinishing or sanding. If you are considering a change in look and would like to re-stain your floors, that might be best to keep with a professional too. Through their expertise, they can ensure the colors match properly and the stain is evenly applied.

If you are in need of assistance with your hardwood flooring needs, TGB Flooring is here to help. We have a variety of hardwood floor repair services to make sure your floors are in tip-top shape. To get started with your hardwood flooring project, give us a call at 303-738-9910.

Ways to Reduce Allergens in Your Home and Hardwood Refinishing in Denver

November 8, 2017

If you or someone in your home suffers from allergies, carpeting can be one of the many huge contributors to worsening symptoms. There are many ways you can reduce allergens in your home to help provide relief. Through making some changes, your investments in your home will not only help those that suffer from allergies, but will also increase the value of your home, too. Learn some of the top facts about allergies in your home, an ideal cleaning schedule to maintain spaces, and the impact of hardwood flooring or ways hardwood refinishing in Denver will help.

Facts about Allergies

Allergies can come in a variety of sorts, whether it is through rhinitis, which causes the itchy and watering eyes, running nose, nasal congestion, sneezing, and more, to skin issues, and asthma. Many of these allergies come from outdoor elements such as pollen, dust mites, grass and mold spores. The swelling one experiences due to the body’s reaction to these allergen is uncomfortable. With at least 50 million Americans suffering from allergies, it is likely that someone in your home may be combatting this issue. Within the home, many of these elements worsen symptoms as they become a safe place for them. For instance, allergens can pile up into carpet, dust mites find humid areas in the home to grow, and mold spores that are not eliminated make situations worse. Then for those with animals, their dander can also embed into carpet, blankets, window treatments and more.

Cleaning Schedule

It is important to clean often to help reduce allergy symptoms. First, to help make the cleaning process easier, wear rubber gloves and use a face mask. While you are cleaning, wash bedding on a high temperature setting which help to sanitize them. For dusting, use a microfiber or damp cloth that will easily draw in and trap dust. Dusters and other cleaners can often spread the dust, making symptoms worse. If you have hardwood floors, doing a light sweep daily will help, along with a more in depth weekly sweep. For carpeting, allergens can embed themselves into the carpet, so it is best to vacuum often. Make sure you keep bathrooms clean and mold free, as well. It is also important to learn how to live with allergies and pets, too.

Impact of Flooring

Flooring plays a large role with allergens. Those with allergies can benefit from hardwood flooring as it does not harbor itself the same way it does with carpet. If you have carpeting, consider installing hardwood flooring in your home to help reduce allergens. If you have existing hardwood that needs refinished, dustless refinishing services are now available. This is a great plan to work with a local flooring specialist to restore the quality of your flooring.

When it comes to all of your hardwood flooring needs, go to Denver hardwood specialist TGB Flooring has you covered. If you have allergies, consider installing our premier hardwood into your home to reduce them, as well as increase the value of your home. Contact us today at 303-738-9910 to get your free estimate.

New Floor Installation vs. Denver Hardwood Refinishing for Your Home

October 25, 2017

Are you trying to decide whether to install a new floor in your home, or refinish your existing? There are pros to both, and depends on your own personal preference, budget and current flooring. After weighing the premier benefits of each, you will know how to proceed on your flooring. Learn the top benefits of hardwood flooring, and best reasons why you may want to consider installing a new floor or if it is best to consider quality Denver hardwood refinishing.

Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring has several benefits. As a flooring type that can last for decades, not only will you get a great return on your investment, but it will also add to the overall value of your home. After a certain point, carpet will need replaced. With hardwood, with proper care, you can expect for it to be a long-term statement to a home. Hardwood floors are also easy to care for, and just need swept. You will need to mop weekly or monthly, but you will not need much water to clean them. They are also an ideal solution for households with allergies as dust and particles will not stick to them the way they will with carpet.

New Floor Installation

If your home currently has hardwood flooring that you would like to replace, you have two options: replace it or refinish it. If you do not have hardwood flooring, a new installation will be your obvious go-to flooring option. You can work with a local hardwood flooring company to find options for your entire home, or if you would like to incorporate it into main areas such living rooms and kitchens. If you have existing hardwood, but aren’t sure if installing new is for you, ask yourself a few questions. Am I looking to change the type of hardwood in my home? Am I looking to make a change quickly? Have I refinished my floors multiple times in the past? Are my floors in such poor shape that a hardwood flooring specialist may not be able to fix them? If you answered yes to any or all of these, new floor installation may be for you.

Refinishing Hardwood Flooring

Often times, hardwood flooring can be saved! One of the great things about hardwood flooring is that through refinishing, you can change your overall look down the road at a fraction of the price it would be to install new, or replace carpet. When you refinish flooring, a hardwood flooring specialist will sand down the floors, which will remove scratches and imperfections. From there, they will apply a stain to the floor if you would like to change the color. There are also dustless refinishing services available to make the process a mess-free zone. Learn more about when hardwood floors are worth saving from HGTV.

As you consider your next move on your hardwood flooring, read about the types of Denver hardwood floor finishes. For an expert opinion on how to approach your hardwood installation or refinish, we can help you make the best decision for your flooring and your wallet. Get your free estimate by calling 303-738-9910.

What to Know If Installing Your First Set of Denver Hardwood Floors

October 11, 2017

As a homeowner, one of the best things you can do for your home is to install quality, Denver hardwood floors. Hardwood is an excellent way to increase the value of a house and can be a great upgrade for each room. As you make the decision to install your first set of hardwood floors, learn more about the premier benefits of hardwood, reasons to use a local hardwood flooring expert, and tips for caring for your hardwood floors once they have been installed.

Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors will completely transform your home. This timeless option will allow you to make changes to rooms throughout the home for years to come, unlike carpet. It has flexibility allowing you to add rugs to change up a space or refinish and re-stain it down the road. This perk to hardwood will increase the overall value of your home. It is a desired feature that attracts prospective homebuyers.  If you have people in your house that suffer from allergies, hardwood will immensely help. They do not trap pollen, dust, and/or pet dander like a carpet, making it easier to breathe and live in. For more details, be sure to read the health benefits of Denver hardwood floors.

Reasons to Use an Expert

After making the decision to install hardwood floors, many homeowners think they will save on money by installing flooring themselves. However, upon starting the project, many find themselves in over their head. Often times, there can be larger issues discovered, a lack of tools available, or lack of knowledge. In the long run, what seemed like a simple way to save money turns a project into a money pit. By choosing a go-to hardwood flooring expert, not only will they walk you through which flooring is the best for your home, but will install it quickly and efficiently. The project can be done quickly, allowing you to get back to your normal day-to-day much sooner than if you opted to do the project on your own.

Care Tips

One of the top hardwood flooring benefits is how easy they are to maintain. They just need a light sweep a few times a week, and mopped once per week. When mopping, little water is needed. When too much water is used, it can seep into the wood causing it to warp. For more tips, use BHG’s how to clean hardwood floors—must know tricks. When you have hardwood, avoid walking around the home with shoes on—especially heels. If you have pets, make sure their nails are trim to avoid scratches. Also, when moving furniture, be sure to use furniture movers to avoid scratching as well.

For your home hardwood floor installation, TGB Flooring will get the job done. As your local hardwood specialist, we have a variety of services to quickly. You can rest assured that your hardwood will be properly installed so you can get back to more important things. To see how we can help you, call us at 303-738-9910.

3 Types of Denver Hardwood Installation Flooring Options

September 27, 2017

Are you considering Denver hardwood installation? There are a variety of options to help you with a home remodel or for installing new hardwood throughout a home. When you are starting with a clean slate, you have many options to transform all areas of your home in a way that works with your style, as well as your budget. When you are considering what you should do for your home, learn about unfinished flooring, prefinished floors, and floating flooring.

Unfinished Floors

When you would like to get your hardwood flooring project started off with the raw, original hardwood materials, unfinished flooring is the ideal option for you. This is a common route used when you have existing hardwood in your home, and you will be adding more hardwood in other areas. When starting with an unfinished option, you can easily ensure the new flooring matches the old flooring through staining. It is also a great option when starting off to create an option that is all a consistent color. Also, when choosing unfinished, you have your choice of plank sizes, and more.

Prefinished Floors

If you are looking for an easily solution for installing new hardwood flooring into your home, prefinished is an option to consider. Prefinished flooring are planks of hardwood that have a finishing treatment applied to them from the factory, allowing those purchasing the hardwood to see it in its final and finished state. It also bypasses all of the necessary tasks, including sanding, and UV-ray resistant coating to help keep the floors from fading. Since you will be forgoing the initial steps, you will not have to deal with any smells in your home, or being exposed to any toxins. Learn more about, Should I Pick Prefinished Flooring? Some guidance from The Spruce.

Floating Flooring

Another convenient option for your hardwood flooring installation if floating flooring. This option of flooring has pre laminated planks that snap together to attach. This is an ideal option for those who are trying to handle the installation on your own, without hassle, as it can be laid down over existing flooring—especially concrete floors. It tends to be a more cost-effective solution as well since it has been pre-treated and will not need to be nailed the same way traditional hardwood flooring will need to be. You can also rest easy knowing this investment will last for decades the way traditional hardwood will last, too. Starting your project? Learn more about floating floors and D.I.Y.

As you make your decision on which type of hardwood flooring solution is best for you, TGB Flooring has you covered. We have been serving the Denver Metro area since 1990 to help with all of your hardwood flooring needs. We are a local, trusted, and owner operated business, you will love the one-on-one attention and service you will receive. To get started give us a call at 303-738-9910. Our team is ready to help you find the best option for your remodeling and hardwood flooring installation to help you find something within your budget that is easy to install.