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Ways to Transform Your Living Room with Denver Hardwood Installation

May 24, 2017

Are you looking for ways to transform your living room to enhance its quality and give it a new and fresh look? Denver hardwood installation is one of the top ways to accomplish this goal. From layout ideas and décor tips to incorporating hardwood flooring, there are a variety of ways to make your living space an enjoyable space to be in that also increases the overall value of your home.  

Layout Ideas

Placement of furniture, lighting and décor can impact the overall look of a room. Depending on the shape of your room, you can arrange furniture to complement the space. If your living room is a large and open space, you can create spaces in your main space. First, with furniture, you can have furniture create angles, but you want to avoid closing off a space. Make sure none of your furniture is bulky or placed in a way that disturbs the overall flow of the room. If your living room is small and narrow, keep furniture placed on opposite ends against walls and windows, You will want to avoid having furniture block walking spaces in the room since it is so narrow.

Décor Tips

When decorating living rooms, find the style that best fits you and the overall look and feel you are trying to accomplish. If you are working with a small space but have things to store in your living room, find décor that has a dual purpose. For instance, decorative baskets to hold commonly used items such as remote controls or magazines. Next, find furniture that can store items and hide cords. This will help to keep a decluttered look to the space. For lighting, you can install can lights or hanging lights that complement the colors of the home. For additional storage needs, consider purchasing an ottoman that doubles as a storage container. You can purchase stands to go on the ottoman to help balance drinks. For paint color, make sure to choose a color that matches your décor. You can also consider adding a premier decorative wall paper accent wall if you are looking for ways to bring pops of energy to a room.

Incorporating Hardwood

Hardwood flooring is a great addition to any home. It can increase the value of your home, is easy to clean and has a very versatile look. You can incorporate rugs to mix up the overall look and feel whenever you are ready to make changes to your space. In addition, you can also re-stain hardwood flooring if you decide that you would like to change its color down the road. It also helps with those who have allergies as particles do not embed themselves the way they do with carpet. Plus, by properly caring for hardwood, your investment will last for decades.

As you make considerations to revamp the layout of your living room, be sure to check out these top go-to spring home renovation ideas and Denver hardwood installation. To have hardwood installed in your home, TGB is your local hardwood flooring installer. To get started, call us at 303-738-9910.

Selling your Home? Tips for a Quick Sale and Benefits of Denver Hardwood Refinishing

May 10, 2017

When you decide to put your house on the market, it can be a grueling process. It can be especially frustrating if on the market for long periods of time. Help sell your home faster by taking initiative and making some fixes that will draw in homebuyers. Many of the fixes can also increase the overall quality of the home which therefore will increase the value. Try some of these best practices as you put your home up on the market!


One of the issues potential homebuyers have is envisioning themselves in a space. While your home is your domain and comfort space, when you have a lot of you and your family’s personality in the home, it can make it difficult for a homebuyer to find how things will work for them. Whether this happens or you have an empty property, it is a good idea to consider staging. This will allow someone to come in and make the appropriate modifications that will make your home more attractive to homebuyers. They will make sure that clutter you may not realize is hindering a sale is taken care of. They will also make sure the flow is seamless enabling people to see themselves making your house their new home.

Small Fixes

A home inspection is inevitable, so anything you can do yourself ahead of time will not only keep those issues out of site, but also won’t be in the way during a potential sale. In Realtor Mag’s “25 Quick, Cheap and Easy Home Sale Tips,” they discuss top ways you can make some small changes that will add up to help with a sale. First, make sure the space and any garages or barns are clean. Next, they advise to update door knobs and handles that are dented or corroding. You can also do this if you have a variety of unmatching ones. A fresh coat of paint also helps. Going back to potential homeowners envisioning themselves in your space, if your walls are a variety of colors, this may subconsciously drive a person away. Take the time or find a painter that can add some more neutral colors. Last, Realtor Mag says to make some tech upgrades! This could be adding in power outlets that have USBs built-in or updating wiring for televisions.

Hardwood Refinishing

If you have hardwood floors, you want to make sure they are in pristine condition for prospective buyers. This is where hardwood refinishing comes in. A hardwood refinishing project will bring your floors back to life. During this process, professionals will remove old finishes through sanding and provide a new one over. Ready to consider this option? Check out the three things to know about Denver hardwood refinishing.

When it comes to using premier services that will help your home sell, contact the experts at TGB Flooring. As Denver’s local go-to hardwood specialist, you will love the way your floors look and so will future buyers! Get a free estimate today by calling 303-738-9910.

Selling a Home? Tips for Denver Hardwood Refinishing for a Fast Sale

April 26, 2017

Are you preparing to sell your home? There are a variety of things you can do to help it get off the market quickly. With a little bit of effort, you can make sure your house is someone else’s dream home, all while expediting the selling process. From boosting curb appeal and interior fixes, to Denver hardwood refinishing, try some of these tips to help get your house off the market.

Boost Curb Appeal

The exterior of the home is a person or family’s first impression. For many, if the outside doesn’t speak to them first, they may even move on in their search. However, a few small changes can fix that. First, if the outside of the home has chipping paint, broken shutters or any other issues, have those updated. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint can drastically change the look of the house. Next, check the roof for cracked or missing shingles. Depending on your insurance and the situation on your roof, you may be able to have it replaced, which is very attractive to prospective buyers. Last, update your landscaping. In the winter months there isn’t much you can do for planting, but you can make sure shrubs and trees are trimmed. You can also remove any dead leaves or twigs that have fallen. When warmer weather arrives, be sure to mulch and consider updating your landscaping.

Interior Fixes

There are many small fixes inside that are low budget and can make a difference to a potential buyer. One of the top ways is a fresh coat of paint in a neutral color helps others envision what they would do with the space. If you choose to paint a specific color, avoid using dark colors in small rooms as they can make the room appear even smaller. This is also a great time to patch any holes that may be in any of the walls, too. Next, if you have inconsistent knobs, door handles and faucets, consider updating all of those to be consistent. For instance, if your bathroom has gold knobs and chrome faucets and towel racks, consider updating all to one finish. Last, if you find you are having a hard time selling, consider staging. This can help buyers visualize themselves in the space. You can talk to your realtor on their ideas. Talk to your realtor about interior fixes that would help your home sell more quickly. Learn more home staging tips here.

Refinish Hardwood

If your home has hardwood flooring, refinishing your hardwood could be a huge selling point for a prospective buyer. This will change the overall look of the floor to look new. How? During the process, the floors are sanded to remove imperfections and restore its beautiful quality. Once that is done, finish is placed on it. During this part of the process, you can choose a new color for the floor in matte, satin or semi-gloss. If you feel your floors need major changes, you can talk to your realtor on what option may be best. For more information check out the three things to know about Denver hardwood refinishing.

As you work to sell your home, TGB Flooring can help with all of your hardwood flooring needs. As your go-to flooring company, we will provide the best service to help your home sell quickly. We offer hardwood flooring services in the local Denver metro area. Learn more about TGB Flooring and contact us today to get started.

Spring Cleaning To Do List and When to Get Denver Hardwood Repair Services

Spring is one of the best times to give your home a good and thorough cleaning. This is the time to give your home much needed TLC to prepare for the next season. Learn about the different areas of your home you should clean, appliances and utensils to think about and flooring needs. During your spring cleaning, you will also learn when you need to get Denver hardwood repair services to fix any issues you may have.

Areas of the Home

On a daily or weekly basis, you probably cover the essentials around your home. This can include wiping down counters, scouring sinks or vacuuming/sweeping. When you are ready to take on your spring cleaning, you will take your cleaning into overdrive. To get started, you will want to make a list of everything in every room of your house that will need cleaned. Think about all the details, which can include the interior window glass of your oven, to re-organizing your bedroom closet. During your spring cleaning, it is also a good time to purge old items you no longer need. You can have a yard sale, put them for sale online or even donate them to charity. By spring cleaning, not only will it help to bring life back to your home, but can help to increase productivity in the home too.

Appliances, Utensils and Tools

In addition to cleaning the areas of your home, don’t forget to clean some of the appliances and tools you use around your home, too. This can include cleaning out the filter in your vacuum, the inside of your refrigerator, brooms, humidifiers or air purifiers, washer and dryer and anything else that might have a filter that needs cleaned. It is also a great time to give your towels, cloths and sponges a good bath. Depending on how old some of your cleaning supplies are, you may want to purge old items and purchase new ones.


The spring is one of the top times to clean your floors and restore their quality. For the carpeted areas of your home, rent a deep cleaner or contact a local company to come in and clean your carpets. For hardwood, make sure you give your hardwood a thorough sweep to remove dust and dirt. Then when mopping, be sure to not use harsh chemicals and with as little water needed, mop your floors. It is crucial that you do not let too much water sit on top of your hardwood as this can damage it. As you mop, look for any imperfections or issues with your hardwood. This is where premier go-to hardwood floor repair services can help make your hardwood look like-new.

If you need help with your hardwood during your spring cleaning, TGB Flooring has you covered. If you are looking to do a little more than just clean this spring, check out our spring home renovation ideas and Denver hardwood installation. To get started with all of your hardwood needs, call us at 303-738-9910 today.

Spring Home Renovation Ideas and Denver Hardwood Installation

March 29, 2017

Whether you are looking to increase the overall value of your home, or are ready to make significant changes to create a space you love, spring is a great time to tackle a home renovation project. With an investment and some work, you can transform your house into a great living space. From remodeling tips to additions to a Denver hardwood installation, learn some of the different ways you can tackle a project.


When it comes to a remodel project, you have a few options. For some, they just want to update a room, whether that be a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, etc. For others, they may have purchased a house knowing they would use the foundation as a building block to completely renovate throughout the inside. When considering a remodel project, pinpoint some of the key pain points of your home. Is there enough storage space in each room? What features would you like to have? Are there any dangers that must be fixed? This can help you determine what projects to take on when remodeling your house. From revamping storage to adding more cabinets or quality storage space, to adding in features such as recessed lighting or granite counters, there is a ton homeowners can do to make a space better for their living situation.

Additions to Your Home

Whether you have outgrown your home or would like to have an extra space for changes in family dynamics,  a home addition can be a great project to kick off this spring. Depending on the addition you decide to add to your home, you could be adding thousands of dollars in value. For many, additions are the go-to project when they don’t want to let go over the neighborhood they live in or the school district their children attend. Many of these projects will give your home a higher value, you can upgrade the size of your kitchen, or add an extra bathroom. It is best to do your research and make an informed decision on what is best for your family. An experienced contractor in your area can help you make this decision.

Installing Hardwood

Installing premier hardwood flooring is a great way to improve a house. They are easy to clean, whether it is on a weekly basis or if something stain-worthy is spilled. Hardwood also does not harbor dust and allergens the way carpet does. Plus, hardwood is incredibly flexible. You can easily change up the overall look of a room through hardwood with rugs, furniture placement and accent pieces. It is one of the best investments a homeowner can make when trying to increase the value of their home. Plus, if you decide you’d like to change the color of hardwood, you have this option as well.

Read Incorporating Denver Hardwood Floors with Your Carpet, for more information about how to combine the two. For help with all of your hardwood installation needs as you work on your spring remodeling and renovation project, TGB Flooring offers hardwood flooring services in the local Denver metro area. Contact TGB flooring and let us help you get started today!