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Some of the Most Common Reasons for Denver Hardwood Repair Services

May 21, 2018

Hardwood floors are popular because of their beauty—and also because they are durable. That doesn’t mean they are immune from damage, however, and if you have hardwoods, there will likely be a time when you will require Denver hardwood repair services. (Don’t miss this recent blog post about protecting your hardwood flooring.)
Here are some of the most common issues that come up with hardwood floors.

Splitting or Cracking

Splits or cracks developing in hardwood floors is pretty normal over the years. Usually, small areas can be repaired with angled nails to keep the two pieces flush. Wood putty can help camouflage the blemishes left behind. But if you have large cracks, it might be time to refinish the floor.


If you have an issue with water, you might end up with a buckled floor because some of your hardwood boards have gotten warped. Be sure to identify the cause of the buckling in the first place before you invest in fixing it. It’s probably best to skip any do-it-yourself fixes with this problem and call in the professionals.


This problem develops when the edges of the hardwood plank go up and the center part of the board goes down. Usually caused by a moisture problem within the home, such as if the humidity levels are too high. Fixing this usually involves balancing the humidity levels within the home so the surface can return to normal, then having the pros come in to refinish the floors.


This is a common problem caused by the weather, which means it is usually a seasonal problem. When it’s dry, wood tends to shrink; when it’s damp, it tends to expand. If you notice gapping, you might want to wait until the weather changes. If the gaps created by the weather are less than the thickness of a dime, it’s probably normal fluctuations. If it’s wider, or if the gaps are persistent, you might want to call in a professional.

Other Issues

It’s normal for floors to become scratched, especially if you have kids and pets. There are touch-up kits available, or sometimes you can even use a crayon to hide the blemish. If you have a lot of scratching, though, you might want to call in the professionals to have your floors refinished. Normal wear and tear on your hardwoods means occasional refinishing is necessary.
If you have any questions about keeping your hardwood floors clean, here are some tips from the pros at Bona on cleaning your hardwood floors.

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