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The Different Finishes Available for Your Denver Hardwood Floor

July 18, 2018

There is no denying that hardwood floors are one of the most sought-after finishes people look for when they are purchasing a home. If you are in a position to change the flooring in your Denver home, you cannot go wrong by installing hardwood floors. Take a look at our gallery for some inspiration about some of our hardwood floors as well as useful tips and services.

When you decide to go with wood flooring, you need to determine what kind of finish you would like. It really comes down to your lifestyle, your personal preference, and your plans for maintenance. Regardless of the finish, you will have to do routine maintenance, but the type of finish you decide on will impact what that maintenance looks like as well as how well the floors will look years down the road. (Here are some tips from the folks at the DIY Network on caring for your hardwood floors.)


Similar to the household paint that you purchase at the local hardware store, there are different sheens with every finish of hardwood floors, each of which has a different level of shine. Maintenance for each will vary as well.
  • Gloss—for the shiniest option that reflects the most light
  • Semi-gloss—slightly less shiny than gloss but still with quite a bit of light reflection
  • Satin—slightly less shiny than semi-gloss but still with some light reflection
  • Matte—the least amount of shine and the smallest amount of light reflection (sometimes referred to as “flat”)

Surface Finishes

Hardwood floors have a surface finish on them to help make them durable and water resistant. They are a protective coating that needs minimal maintenance throughout the life of the floor.  They include:
  • Water-based—clear in color and highly durable
  • Oil-based—amber in color and extremely durable
  • Moisture-cured—can be anywhere from clear to amber and the most moisture-resistant of all the finishes
  • Conversion varnish—can be anywhere from clear to somewhat amber and very durable
  • Wax—soaked into the wood before hardening to form a protective seal; good durability but can show spotting
  • UV cured—uses ultraviolet light to cure
If you are not sure what the best finish is for you and your lifestyle, it’s a good idea to talk to an expert to find out which might be most suitable.
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