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Denver Hardwood Floors Unique Designs, Make It Your Own

February 1, 2019

Hardwood floors are timeless. The look and flow created from installing hardwood floors throughout a home help to not only provide a solid flooring surface for years to come but also create a beautiful look that works well in almost any setting. Especially with newly designed open flooring concepts, hardwoods all for a seamless transition from kitchen to dining, hallway to living room, or den to dining. Each easily maintained and separated but another benefit is the added value of hardwood installations. Choosing this flooring type can help if placing the property on the market or as an improvement for current homeowners to enjoy.

While there are a number of different flooring stain colors to choose from other options exist for making them uniquely yours. Instead of simply selecting a cooler color than most hardwood floors, two different options can make your floors stand out. Making a statement with an inlay design or border can be a fun and creative way to add some flourish to a timeless design that will exist for years to come.

Hardwood Floor Inlay Design Application

Wooden floor inlay designs can be intricately designed medallions which are placed as a centerpiece in a certain area of the home or a specific pattern stretched over a particular area. The medallion approach can be any shape but is often a circle or star shaped design with two or more different color tones added for depth and appeal. 

Used in entrance foyers, dining rooms, or even as a centerpiece in a living room, the wooden floor inlay can be applied either as a predetermined artistic piece selected from a mold or as a specific design used for a particular purpose. Either can be beneficial and really helps to set your floor apart from that of your neighbors.

Stretched over a particular area, rectangular variations down a hallway can help to break up the flow and keep things looking good.

Hardwood Floor Border Application

Another area of customization that can be utilized for hardwood floors involves a border design. Basic floor transition strips can be utilized for areas that differ from hardwood floors or even the installation of new floors connecting to an existing flooring surface but another component that should be considered is the use of a border inlay.

Used to break up a pattern or create a focal point, hardwood borders can be installed to ease transitions or break up the flow of an extended space, such as a hallway. The implementation of a border is something to consider and another aspect that can help set your flooring surface apart from anyone else.

When you’re ready to install, repair, or refinish the hardwood floors around your home, including the implementation of a unique inlay or border, then look no further than TGB Flooring. Our professionally trained employees have a wealth of experience and can assist with the specifics of which factors will influence any addition to your home as each and every one is going to be different. Serving the Denver and surrounding areas since 1990, TGB will provide assistance in selecting the appropriate look, feel, and direction for your space while providing hands on experience and explanations about the work that you want completed. Contact us today at 303-738-9910 to schedule your free estimate to get started.