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Top 3 Most Common Causes of Hardwood Floor Damage

While you try your best to maintain your beautiful hardwood flooring in Denver, sometimes things happen that you don’t expect or don’t realize. Here are the most common causes of hardwood floor damage and the signs that indicate they are present.
  1. Moisture: between tracking in snow and water and simple spills on your hardwood floor, moisture is a main culprit in damage to hardwood. Some signs that indicate this is beginning to happen would be buckling or warping in the wood’s panels. Contact your Denver flooring experts for advice and repairs if you notice water damage.
  2. Staining: if you have pets, you know that some messes are just unavoidable. If pet stains sit on hardwood for a prolonged period of time, it can cause major damage and actually stain the wood. This could potentially lead to needing to hire a Denver hardwood replacement or refinishing company to address the issue.
  3. Surface Scratching: moving furniture without thinking of your delicate hardwood floor will happen from time to time. These surface scratches account for a lot of damage to hardwood floors in Denver. To solve this issue, install felt discs at the base of furniture, or contact your Denver refinishing expert to buff or refinish major issues. The less extreme measures taken, the better, to make sure to contact a professional flooring specialist before trying to solve it yourself.