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Incorporating Denver Hardwood Floors with Your Carpet

March 15, 2017

When making the decision to upgrade your flooring, you have a variety of options. It is important to find the best flooring solution for the quality of your home. The debate between carpet and hardwood is a common one. One of the best ways you can mix up your home and complement certain carpeted areas is to add Denver hardwood floors. Learn more about the benefits and reasons to incorporate this flooring into your home.


Hardwood floors provide a timeless look to your home that increases its value. Once sealed, they can maintain their quality for decades. Hardwood is also known for being extremely versatile. You can change the look and feel of a room easily with different rugs and furniture. Next, hardwood is top choice for those looking for floors that are easy to clean. They only require lengthy cleanings just a few times a year. For the everyday cleaning, simply sweep and mop them weekly. There are a variety of go-to options out there to make this process seamless. Last, hardwood flooring is a hygienic option that helps the air quality for those with allergies.


Carpet is a great addition in bedrooms. Many love the way it feels on their toes and it can provide soft place to play, walk or read if you so choose. It also can help insulate a room better. It can become problematic because it is not easy to clean spills, especially when it comes to drinks like coffee, soda or wine. It can also house different allergens which can be problematic for those individuals with allergies. Vacuuming can help but over time, certain particles are difficult to get out. Many like to incorporate it into smaller rooms that aren’t the main rooms of the home. If you have your entire house outfitted with carpet, you may want to consider the benefits of switching to hardwood if you find there are frequent spills, you have animals or allergies. Learn more about how to select the perfect type of carpet.

Combining the Two

If your home only has carpet, hardwood is a great addition. By adding in hardwood to your heavy traffic areas, such as your living room, kitchen, entry way and hallways, you will add diversity to your home.  You can create the perfect atmosphere with a few simple combinations. Create a dramatic feel with dark hardwood and light carpet in the bedrooms. Or, you can choose a rustic and classic feel by choosing neutral colors. This choice is one of the top ways you can add value to your home, which will be extremely beneficial if you decide to sell your home.

For more ideas to help you make the decision to add hardwood to your home, check out these hardwood flooring in Denver trends to watch in 2017. When ready to make the switch, TGB Flooring can help. From installing and maintain, we are your go-to experts when it comes to hardwood in your home. Since 1990 we have been serving the local Denver community and will provide you with premium service. Call us today at 303-738-9910 to get started with your hardwood solutions for your home.