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Spring Home Renovation Ideas and Denver Hardwood Installation

March 29, 2017

Whether you are looking to increase the overall value of your home, or are ready to make significant changes to create a space you love, spring is a great time to tackle a home renovation project. With an investment and some work, you can transform your house into a great living space. From remodeling tips to additions to a Denver hardwood installation, learn some of the different ways you can tackle a project.


When it comes to a remodel project, you have a few options. For some, they just want to update a room, whether that be a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, etc. For others, they may have purchased a house knowing they would use the foundation as a building block to completely renovate throughout the inside. When considering a remodel project, pinpoint some of the key pain points of your home. Is there enough storage space in each room? What features would you like to have? Are there any dangers that must be fixed? This can help you determine what projects to take on when remodeling your house. From revamping storage to adding more cabinets or quality storage space, to adding in features such as recessed lighting or granite counters, there is a ton homeowners can do to make a space better for their living situation.

Additions to Your Home

Whether you have outgrown your home or would like to have an extra space for changes in family dynamics,  a home addition can be a great project to kick off this spring. Depending on the addition you decide to add to your home, you could be adding thousands of dollars in value. For many, additions are the go-to project when they don’t want to let go over the neighborhood they live in or the school district their children attend. Many of these projects will give your home a higher value, you can upgrade the size of your kitchen, or add an extra bathroom. It is best to do your research and make an informed decision on what is best for your family. An experienced contractor in your area can help you make this decision.

Installing Hardwood

Installing premier hardwood flooring is a great way to improve a house. They are easy to clean, whether it is on a weekly basis or if something stain-worthy is spilled. Hardwood also does not harbor dust and allergens the way carpet does. Plus, hardwood is incredibly flexible. You can easily change up the overall look of a room through hardwood with rugs, furniture placement and accent pieces. It is one of the best investments a homeowner can make when trying to increase the value of their home. Plus, if you decide you’d like to change the color of hardwood, you have this option as well.

Read Incorporating Denver Hardwood Floors with Your Carpet, for more information about how to combine the two. For help with all of your hardwood installation needs as you work on your spring remodeling and renovation project, TGB Flooring offers hardwood flooring services in the local Denver metro area. Contact TGB flooring and let us help you get started today!