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Spring Cleaning To Do List and When to Get Denver Hardwood Repair Services

Spring is one of the best times to give your home a good and thorough cleaning. This is the time to give your home much needed TLC to prepare for the next season. Learn about the different areas of your home you should clean, appliances and utensils to think about and flooring needs. During your spring cleaning, you will also learn when you need to get Denver hardwood repair services to fix any issues you may have.

Areas of the Home

On a daily or weekly basis, you probably cover the essentials around your home. This can include wiping down counters, scouring sinks or vacuuming/sweeping. When you are ready to take on your spring cleaning, you will take your cleaning into overdrive. To get started, you will want to make a list of everything in every room of your house that will need cleaned. Think about all the details, which can include the interior window glass of your oven, to re-organizing your bedroom closet. During your spring cleaning, it is also a good time to purge old items you no longer need. You can have a yard sale, put them for sale online or even donate them to charity. By spring cleaning, not only will it help to bring life back to your home, but can help to increase productivity in the home too.

Appliances, Utensils and Tools

In addition to cleaning the areas of your home, don’t forget to clean some of the appliances and tools you use around your home, too. This can include cleaning out the filter in your vacuum, the inside of your refrigerator, brooms, humidifiers or air purifiers, washer and dryer and anything else that might have a filter that needs cleaned. It is also a great time to give your towels, cloths and sponges a good bath. Depending on how old some of your cleaning supplies are, you may want to purge old items and purchase new ones.


The spring is one of the top times to clean your floors and restore their quality. For the carpeted areas of your home, rent a deep cleaner or contact a local company to come in and clean your carpets. For hardwood, make sure you give your hardwood a thorough sweep to remove dust and dirt. Then when mopping, be sure to not use harsh chemicals and with as little water needed, mop your floors. It is crucial that you do not let too much water sit on top of your hardwood as this can damage it. As you mop, look for any imperfections or issues with your hardwood. This is where premier go-to hardwood floor repair services can help make your hardwood look like-new.

If you need help with your hardwood during your spring cleaning, TGB Flooring has you covered. If you are looking to do a little more than just clean this spring, check out our spring home renovation ideas and Denver hardwood installation. To get started with all of your hardwood needs, call us at 303-738-9910 today.