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Selling a Home? Tips for Denver Hardwood Refinishing for a Fast Sale

April 26, 2017

Are you preparing to sell your home? There are a variety of things you can do to help it get off the market quickly. With a little bit of effort, you can make sure your house is someone else’s dream home, all while expediting the selling process. From boosting curb appeal and interior fixes, to Denver hardwood refinishing, try some of these tips to help get your house off the market.

Boost Curb Appeal

The exterior of the home is a person or family’s first impression. For many, if the outside doesn’t speak to them first, they may even move on in their search. However, a few small changes can fix that. First, if the outside of the home has chipping paint, broken shutters or any other issues, have those updated. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint can drastically change the look of the house. Next, check the roof for cracked or missing shingles. Depending on your insurance and the situation on your roof, you may be able to have it replaced, which is very attractive to prospective buyers. Last, update your landscaping. In the winter months there isn’t much you can do for planting, but you can make sure shrubs and trees are trimmed. You can also remove any dead leaves or twigs that have fallen. When warmer weather arrives, be sure to mulch and consider updating your landscaping.

Interior Fixes

There are many small fixes inside that are low budget and can make a difference to a potential buyer. One of the top ways is a fresh coat of paint in a neutral color helps others envision what they would do with the space. If you choose to paint a specific color, avoid using dark colors in small rooms as they can make the room appear even smaller. This is also a great time to patch any holes that may be in any of the walls, too. Next, if you have inconsistent knobs, door handles and faucets, consider updating all of those to be consistent. For instance, if your bathroom has gold knobs and chrome faucets and towel racks, consider updating all to one finish. Last, if you find you are having a hard time selling, consider staging. This can help buyers visualize themselves in the space. You can talk to your realtor on their ideas. Talk to your realtor about interior fixes that would help your home sell more quickly. Learn more home staging tips here.

Refinish Hardwood

If your home has hardwood flooring, refinishing your hardwood could be a huge selling point for a prospective buyer. This will change the overall look of the floor to look new. How? During the process, the floors are sanded to remove imperfections and restore its beautiful quality. Once that is done, finish is placed on it. During this part of the process, you can choose a new color for the floor in matte, satin or semi-gloss. If you feel your floors need major changes, you can talk to your realtor on what option may be best. For more information check out the three things to know about Denver hardwood refinishing.

As you work to sell your home, TGB Flooring can help with all of your hardwood flooring needs. As your go-to flooring company, we will provide the best service to help your home sell quickly. We offer hardwood flooring services in the local Denver metro area. Learn more about TGB Flooring and contact us today to get started.