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Darkening the Color of Your Floors and Denver Hardwood Refinishing

June 7, 2017

If you have lightly colored hardwood flooring, there may come a time when you want to change the color of the wood to a darker shade. Did you know this was an option? It is! Restaining is a highly popular trend and many are choosing dark hardwood. That being said, one of the best things about wood is that it can be changed over time and is not aesthetically permanent once installed. From Denver hardwood refinishing and staining to premier décor ideas for your home, try some of these ideas to mix up the look and feel of your home.


When you make the choice to re-do your hardwood flooring, whether it be to enhance the quality or change up the color, refinishing will be the first step that is taken. Refinishing will help to remove some of the scuffs and scratches that have accumulated into the flooring over time. This process takes worn flooring and gives it new life. One of the things to keep in mind with refinishing is the amount of dust that can be emitted. You can work with your local hardwood flooring company on managing the dust or providing dust-free hardwood floor refinishing. Plus, by having a professional handles this task, you can ensure any dust does not ruin other parts of your home.


Once your floors have been refinished, you can move onto the staining process to change its color. The type of wood, condition, and color play a huge role in how the final restain color will turn out. The process includes mixing shades to create a final product. You can choose to have a sheen applied for a shinier appearance, or you can go for a more matted look. If you have a rustic or traditional home, many choose the matte. Contemporary or modern homes pair well with a shiny look. With staining, you can control the amount to keep the natural appearance or a solid look.

Décor Ideas

Once you restain lighter hardwood flooring to a darker shade, you will be able to make other changes in the overall appearance of your home. First, you can pair different shades of floor mats strategically around various areas. With dark hardwood, you can take advantage of purchasing furniture and artwork that complements the rich tones of the flooring. If you prefer not to fill a room with various shades of colors, dark hardwood also pairs well with white. For instance, a kitchen with dark hardwood looks sleek with white cabinets, appliances, counters and more.
When it comes to choosing the right refinish for your hardwood flooring, learn more about the types of Denver hardwood floor finishes. To help you make your existing hardwood look like new, TGB Flooring is your top go-to expert to handle everything you need. We specialize in a variety of services to update the existing hardwood in your home, or install a new one, we can help. You will love the improvement in your home, which can also increase its value. To get started, call us at 303-738-9910.