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How to Protect Your Denver Hardwood Floors from Accidents by Pets and Children

June 21, 2017

Whether your hardwood floors are two months old or 20 years old, you want to be able to protect your investment. Hardwood flooring is great for your home’s value and is such a staple to your home. While there are many accidents that can happen with floors, some of the most common accidents happen due to children or pets. It is best to make sure you are properly caring for your floors and taking the best precautions with children and or pets to maintain your floor’s quality. From protecting your floors from pets and keeping children from damaging flooring to overall maintenance and prevention tips, learn how to protect your Denver hardwood floors.

Protecting Floors from Pets

If your pets have claws, one of the common accidents that happens are scratches in your hardwood. When your pets have untrimmed nails, even a simple dash from the dining room to the door can leave scratches in your flooring. One way to solve this issue is to make sure they are trimmed. If you are not able to trim your pet’s nails, you can also invest in nail caps for dogs and cats. This will help prevent scratches in the floor. Another issue that can hurt flooring are accidents. Whether you have a new puppy or senior cat, sometimes accidents happen. While much easier to clean hardwood flooring as opposed to an accident on carpet, the key is making sure it is cleaned up quickly. Liquid seeping into the hardwood can ruin their quality.  

Keeping Children from Damaging Flooring

One of the common ways a child can hurt hardwood flooring is through a spill that isn’t cleaned up quickly. And with younger children, this can happen a lot! Fortunately, hardwood is much easier to clean than carpet for spills. The key is to clean it up quickly. Another top issue that occurs is children that run in to the house without taking their shoes off. Often, when anyone walks into a house with hardwood without taking off their shoes, everything outside that is on their shoe becomes an indoor problem. Sometimes rocks or other sharp objects embed themselves into the shoe. This creates scratches.  

Overall Maintenance and Prevention

Another common issue that happens in homes that hurts hardwood flooring is dragging furniture along the floor, or having rolling chairs directly on its surface. This is one of the go-to ways scratches can happen. You will want to move furniture using furniture pads that you can place on the feet of chairs, tables, etc. For rolling chairs, such as an office chair, you will want to invest in a mat that can serve as a barrier between the chair and the hardwood flooring. Last, make sure you clean your floors regularly. Sweep daily or every few days and mop weekly. Create a bi-annual schedule for a thorough deep clean. And remember, when cleaning hardwood, you do not need that much water. For a go-to guide, be sure to read Better Homes and Gardens’ How to Clean Hardwood Floors: Must-Know Tricks.
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