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Make Your Home Unique with Denver Custom Woodworking

July 5, 2017

Did you know that you can add custom solutions to your home through Denver custom woodworking? Premier woodworking is a great way to make a home your own with styles and designs that fits within your own décor and styles. Woodworking in your home can recreate rooms and areas. Learn more about top ways to reinvent your stairways, go-to ideas to enhance baseboards, and some of the best ways to add borders to your home.

Reinventing Stairways

When homeowners think of custom solutions for their home, stairways is not always the first change that comes to mind. However, one of the ways you can change your home in a unique way is through a custom stairway. Do you like an open look? Instead of having a solid stairwell, create an open one. You can have designs added in that still serve as a barrier but they will create a unique and open appearance. You can haven narrow or circular wooden columns added in for a traditional look, or steel for a more industrial appearance. For a grand appearance, you can have woodwork done on your stairwell to have larger bottom steps that gradually get more narrow.

Ideas for Baseboards

While they may seem small, baseboards play an important role in one’s home. They can add just the touch of character you need as the final touch added to your room. Whether you have existing baseboards that could use some attention or you don’t have much of a baseboard at all, this is a great project to work with a local flooring company on. When it comes to baseboards, you can choose a simple appearance that can match all rooms, or more complex if other areas in the home are toned down. Ideally, you will also paint your baseboards a different color than the wall, traditionally white, to help it stand out.

Adding Borders to Your Home

Looking for a quality way to make a change to the appearance in your home? Add a border! Wood border is designed tiles of wood that you can match to existing styles or a great way to make a boring room pop with personality. A great way to add them is in conjunction with updated baseboards. You can take the time to work with a woodworking or flooring company to create designs that best fit you. Woodworking is a great classic addition to any home that can be dramatic for flair, or simplistic. Are you looking for living room trimwork ideas? Try these from Better Homes and Gardens.
To create personalized and custom solutions for your home, custom hardwood woodworking is a great way to accomplish this. From stairways and bordering and inlays to special designs and decorative borders, there are many options we can assist you with. As you explore ideas, learn more about TGB Flooring to see what other wood solutions we can help you with. To get started, call us at 303-738-9910 today to see how we can help you create custom solutions for your home.