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How Staging and Hardwood Refinishing in Denver Can Help Your Home Sell Fast

August 2, 2017

Are you looking for some of the best ways to help your home sell fast? Giving your home some much needed attention can help be more attractive to prospective buyers. It may take an investment, but will help to save money in the long run if the investments you choose help your home sell more quickly. You can discuss what is best with your realtor. From the basics of staging and other small changes you can make to your home to premier hardwood refinishing in Denver, learn how some small changes can help your home sell quick:

Benefits of Staging

Staging a home is one of the top ways to completely transform it into an entirely new space. At times, current tenants have so many belongings, so between this and a person’s style, prospective buyers simply can’t envision themselves in a space. When working with a stager, they know which furniture and décor and how to place it so the entire house flows easily. Usually with staging, you can incorporate color and design to maximize the look and feel of a home past what it was before. It can simplify a cluttered space or bring an entire look and feel in. In addition to furniture and décor, lighting also plays a huge role in attracting buyers. Accent lighting or ambient lighting can provide accents in just the right areas to feature different areas of the home.

Other Changes to the Home

When selling your home, you may need to make some investments to help it sell more quickly This varies per house, but take some time to discuss what realtor about what upgrades may need to be made. It could be as simple as upgrading all fixtures (such as knobs and faucets) to be consistent. Another investment to make is to update appliances, fix issues in the house (such as with a water heater or heating and cooling), or even the roof. Depending on the age of your home, you can work with your insurance company to see if insurance will cover a roof replacement. You should also make sure the outside of your home is in proper shape to ensure a person’s first impression is a good one.

Refinishing Hardwood

If your home’s hardwood floors are not in the best of shape, you can refinish them and bring old floors back to life, just like new. When refinishing, you sand away the old layers which removes scratches and wear and tear the floors have collected over time. During this time, you can also pick out a new stain color if you would like to change that as well. Given that you will have to clear out the space when the floors need to be refinished, you can work with your stager and have staged furniture brought in once the refinishing is complete.

As you work to sell your home, be sure to check out this spring cleaning to do list and when to get Denver hardwood repair services. This is one more step in selling your home quickly. For help when it comes to refinishing, you will love TGB Flooring’s dustless refinishing services. As your go-to local hardwood flooring company, our services will bring new life to your floors and enhance their quality, making them very attractive to prospective buyers. Contact us at 303-738-9910 today to get started