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Reasons to Choose Denver Hardwood Floors Over Faux Flooring

August 16, 2017

When you are looking to replace the flooring in your home, you may be looking for the most inexpensive option available. For many, their first thought is to install faux hardwood into the home. While there may be initial upfront cost benefits, it might not be the best solution for the long term. Homeowners should make it a top priority to research and learn more about installing hardwood. Learn about some of the downfalls of installing faux hardwood flooring, premier benefits of Denver hardwood floors, and additional go-to tips to consider.

Downfalls of Faux Flooring

If you are considering purchasing faux hardwood, also known as laminate flooring, it is important to understand some of the drawbacks. First, many tackle this job on their own as the pieces often come together to be assembled. Often times, the package of flooring does not fall into places as easily, becoming time consuming and potentially costly if you need to take items back and get new ones. Next, laminate flooring is not a great long-term solution. Over time it wears much quicker than hardwood. Also, it cannot be refinished down the road the way traditional hardwood can to help it last for decades.

Benefits of Hardwood

When choosing real hardwood for your home, you are making an investment in quality flooring. Hardwood is easy to clean and a great solution to help those in the home with allergies. It also holds up much better than laminate flooring and can handle the everyday wear and tear as you and those in the home walk in and out. When it does begin to wear, you can work with a local hardwood flooring specialist to refinish the floors. You can also re-stain them to a different color, allowing you to extend the life of your floors and getting a return on your investment. In addition, when choosing hardwood, you are also making a great choice for the environment. Many laminate options are not great for the environment, but you can feel good about your decision when going with hardwood.

Additional Tips

As you weigh the pros and cons on deciding what type of flooring to install in your home, remember that adding in real hardwood is a go-to way to increase the overall value of your home. Plus, when you go to re-sell the home, it makes it much more attractive to prospective buyers. Included in USA Today’s 11 home features buyers will pay extra for, they noted that over 50 percent of home buyers would be willing to pay an extra $2,080 on a home with hardwood.

Need more help deciding what to do with your hardwood flooring? TGB Flooring can help. From installation and refinishes, to free estimates, we can help you make the perfect decision for your home. Read our five myths about Denver hardwood floors to help you learn even more benefits of this type of flooring. When ready, call us at 303-738-9910. We can go through all of your options and help you make the best decision for your home.