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Decorating Tips for Your Home and Benefits of Denver Custom Woodworking

August 30, 2017

Whether you are moving into your first home or fifth, decorating is the perfect way to exude your own style. You will love to come home each day in a place that just fits you and anyone else that lives inside the home. Whether you are looking for little things to update or completely revamp your home, these tips should help. From decorations and wall art to feng shui and Denver custom woodworking, there is much you can do to make your space your own.

Décor and Wall Art

For many, picking out decorations for a home is easy. Simply drop in your local home goods store, find a few accessories and drop them in the cart. However it’s once you get home that you really need to pay attention. You do not want to overload or misplace items. For desks and tables, you will want to keep it simple. If you have a perfectly square table, consider adding a piece in the center. Or, this will also work if you have multiple smaller items that you can combine together as a centerpiece. If you have a longer, rectangular table, shelf or desk, putting items in the center can work, but you have more flexibility. You can add one or two items on the end, or evenly space them out. Avoid cluttering though at all costs. Then for art, in Better Homes and Garden’s Tips on Arranging Accessories, they say the best way to complement décor is with art. They advise to hang it eight to 12 inches above the table. When it comes to choosing art, pick what matches your style! If buying multiple pieces, you can find consistent pieces that flow throughout the home. Ultimately, it is your style—do what matches your true self!

Feng Shui

If you are stuck on the arrangement of a room, one of the top rules of thumb to use is feng shui. This ancient art discovered and commonly used by the Chinese is a wonderful way to help you organize a room. By using this style, it is said to also enhance the quality of a room and provide a sense of calm. There are many tips to feng shui. Some of the main ones include placing couches and loveseats against a wall, adding plants to the top of your kitchen cabinets, have beds facing the door and to keep your space decluttered.  

Custom Woodworking

If you are looking for other ways to add character to your home, consider custom woodworking. For instance, you can build a gorgeous wooden staircase if you have a two-story home. You can also add decorative borders around elements of your flooring or add premier baseboards that coordinate with your space.

When it comes to all your custom hardwood woodworking needs, TGB Flooring can help. We have a wide variety of services that will help you as you work to making your home match your style. To get a free estimate, simply give us a call at 303-738-9910. We would love to help you with your project!