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Buying Guide for Hardwood Flooring in Denver

February 14, 2018

Are you ready to add quality hardwood flooring to your home? Hardwood is a fantastic addition to a space that is easy to clean, hypoallergenic, and has a longevity that far surpasses carpet. When ready to add, you may be overwhelmed with options. Don’t worry, this is why you have your local go-to hardwood flooring in Denver expert that can help you with everything you need. Learn about the different types of hardwood you can install in your home, how to choose the best shade, and top ways to care for your investment once it is installed.

Choose Your Service

When you decide to install hardwood flooring in your home, you have three different types you can choose from: Unfinished, pre-finished and floating.
  • Unfinished: Unfinished floors are one of the top installations homeowners choose. It is the raw hardwood that can be customized to fit the exact shape and color that you are looking for. Your premier hardwood specialist will install the flooring, then will stain and finish it based on your preferences.
  • Pre-Finished: If you are not as particular on your preferences for flooring, you can consider installing prefinished floors. You will be able to work with your hardwood specialist to view their selection that is available in a variety of widths, styles, colors, and types of wood. In general, they are normally available in ¾” and do not need to be sanded down. They also have all of the same benefits of unfinished floors once complete.
  • Floating: If you are looking for a cost-effective way to add hardwood to your home, consider floating floors. These are constructed of laminate and easily snap together during installation.

Choosing Shades

Your next priority once you choose a type of hardwood is what color you would like. Dark hardwood is chic, but light hardwood is refreshing. Consider using dark hardwood in rustic or country homes. Or, modern homes can also accommodate hardwood with the appropriate décor. Light hardwood is a great choice for light, cottage homes, or areas that are well lit. Your best bet is to learn how to pick a color for wood floors.

Caring for Hardwood

When you have installed your new hardwood floors, make sure to care for them. This will allot them to stay flawless for decades. Make sure you sweep weekly and mop monthly. Do not use too much water as it will seep into the wood and cause warping. Make sure you have everyone in the home take their shoes off when they walk in, and if you have animals, keep their nails trim. It is also beneficial to make sure your home does not get humid, which can lead to warping.

When it comes to installing hardwood in your home, TGB Flooring has you covered. Our team of experts has been serving the greater Denver area for nearly two decades. No matter what your need is, we will be able to take care of it for you. Get started today with a free estimate. The process is easy, simply call us at 303-738-9910. You will love your new floors!