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Bring New Life to Your Home with Hardwood Refinishing in Denver

February 28, 2018

Are you wondering about ways to liven up your home? When was the last time you made any changes or updates? No matter what your budget, there are many ways you can bring new life to your home. From premier hardwood refinishing in Denver and color ideas, to rearranging art and creating a new exterior impression—use these best practices for your home to-do list.

Refinish Hardwood Floors

One of the top benefits of hardwood flooring is its longevity. Unlike carpet, when hardwood shows signs of wear, or if you have grown tired of the color, you can change it! With hardwood floor refinishing, you can have imperfections sanded away, removing any and all scratches, scrapes, etc. Even better, you can choose another color for your floors to be stained, too. In addition to changing the stain color, you can choose from the following finishes to further change the overall look of your floors:
  • Matte
  • Satin
  • Semi-gloss

Color Ideas

A go-to way many homeowners liven up their home is through color. For inspiration, you can choose these 19 color trends that are dominating 2018. Topping the list includes shades of purples (both light and bold), sage green, marigold and deep red. If you have a smaller space, you can still use dark or bold colors, but consider them as an accent wall. Many times, when smaller spaces are dark, they look even smaller than they already are. Lighter shades help light reflect around the room, creating a feel that it is larger and spacious. To tie things in, find accent pieces, such as décor, flowers, or throw pillows, in shades complementing new paint colors.

Rearrange Art and Decor

One of the mistakes many homeowners make is having too much art and decorations. This can clutter up a space quick! A few tips to ensure you are not overdoing it on your art include:
  • Hanging art that us roughly 60 to 70 percent in scale from the item you are hanging it above (could be one large item, or a collection of smaller pieces)
  • Use balance and symmetry to align furniture with art and décor, ensuring you do not have too much furniture cluttering a space
  • Allow natural light to come in
  • Upgrade old finishes and light fixtures

Exterior impression

The outside of your home is a person’s very first impression. You want to make it count! First, make sure to clean up your yard and landscaping. Pull any weeds and dead plants or flowers. In the spring, you can re-mulch and plant new. Next, consider a fresh coat of paint. This can change the overall look. If that’s out of the budget, consider a new front door with painted trim. You can add potted plants or furniture to your porch for added appeal. Brick walkways are another great addition to transform the exterior of your home.

As you make your plans to renovate your home this spring, TGB Flooring has your hardwood refinishing needs covered. As your local hardwood specialist, you will love the quality we will restore to your floors. You will think they are new! Get your free estimate today by calling 303-738-9910.