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Top Mistakes to Avoid with Denver Hardwood Floors

March 12, 2018

Hardwood floors are an excellent investment. While they have a much longer lifespan than carpet, there are a few top mistakes homeowners make. It is best to stay informed and know how to care for your floors to make the most of them. After all, they can last for decades! Make sure to avoid these mistakes with your Denver hardwood floors.

Improperly Cleaning

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make with their hardwood flooring is improperly cleaning it. First is with mopping. While water is needed to clean the floors, you will not need to use much. When too much water sits on the surface of hardwood, it will get absorbed into it. From here, the hardwood can then warp, distort, and swell. Cracking can also happen. Next, many homeowners use the wrong cleaning solution for their floors. Avoid some of these to avoid any damage:
  • Acidic cleaners and vinegar
  • Ammonia
  • Wax
  • Steam cleaners
Make sure to avoid any of these cleaners and understand how to clean hardwood floors before getting started.

Scratching Them

Hardwood floors can be scratched in some of the simplest of ways. It can all begin on moving day if furniture pads are not placed on the feet. Another common way floors become scratched are shoes. High heels are one of the main culprits of this, but any shoes can be detrimental. How? If there is not rubber on the bottom, it can scratch the surface. Rocks and other sharp materials can get stuck into the bottoms of shoes that then scratch the floors when walking on it. Make sure to put a mat in by entrances to wipe off shoes, then make sure they are taken off before getting indoors.

Slow to Cleaning Spills

Similarly mentioned in the cleaning section, not cleaning spills quick enough can ruin hardwood. You want to make sure you clean all spills as quickly as possible, so the liquid does not embed into the hardwood. It can be especially dangerous if a liquid is acidic or dangerous to hardwood. Make sure all spills are cleaned up as quickly as possible to avoid any trouble.

Replacing Instead of Refinishing

Be sure to make the most out of your premier hardwood by refinishing floors before replacing them. Hardwood flooring can last for years and years. Over time it is natural for it to become dull or get scratched. At a certain point you may need to replace your hardwood, but in many cases, refinishing them will do the trick! During this process, floors area sanded down to restore their quality, eliminating any imperfections. From here, you will re-stain the floors. If you loved the existing color, you can match it, or you can change it up for something different! Learn more with these three things to know about Denver hardwood refinishing.
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