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What to Look for in a Denver Hardwood Installation Company

April 11, 2018

Making a commitment for Denver hardwood installation is a large one. You want to use a trusted expert to handle your investment. Finding a company that will walk you through the process and help you find premier hardwood options for your home is key. Learn more about personalized assistance, types of hardwood to choose from, and go-to refinishing offerings beneficial from an installation company.

Local Provides Personalized Assistance

While you may have several options available to choose to install hardwood in your home, a local expert will provide service unmatched by big box stores. When you choose someone in your area, you are choosing someone that solely looks out for your best interest. Their success is dependent on keeping those in the city happy. They are sure to provide an extra level of customer service that larger stores may not be able to offer. This is extremely important because it gives you added flexibility and comfort that someone is truly invested in meeting your expectations.

Hardwood Selection

As you consider what type of hardwood to install in your home, there are a few top installation services you can consider. They include:
  • Unfinished Floors: Unfinished flooring gives you the most flexibility for customization. They are installed as raw wood and from there, can be finished to bet fit your home’s style. The great thing about this option is that it is all completed on-site. You can work with your specialist on times that accommodate your schedule. A great go-to flooring specialist will also have a large array of finish options for you to choose from. From light and shiny floors, to dark floors with a matte finish, this option of flooring truly allows you to make the space your own. Consider trying one of the 11 unique hardwood floor designs and ideas for your home.
  • Pre-Finished Floors: Pre-finished flooring is a great medium-tier price point flooring option. These are planks already cut to size in a variety of finishes. Upon choosing the style that you love, installation is fairly quick. Since they are already finished, all your installer will need to do is nail down the pieces. You also have the option later down the road to refinish the floors if you would like to change their color.
  • Floating Floors: If you are looking for the most budget friendly option, floating floors is a great option. Similar to pre-finished floors, floating floors are already cut to size. They are constructed of laminate and snap together.

Refinishing Options

After you install nice, quality hardwood floors, the last thing on your mind is refinishing them. However, on average, hardwood will need to be replaced every 10 years or so. It depends on wear. During this process, they will be sanded down to eliminate the imperfections, then refinished. When choosing someone to install your hardwood floors, talk to them about refinishing options down the road. It is even more beneficial if they offer dustless refinishing services.

To help you with your hardwood installation project every step of the way, TGB Flooring has you covered. We have served the greater Denver Metro area since 1990 and provide a wide variety of services that will make you fall in love with your home all over again! Call us today for your free estimate at 303-738-9910.