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Top Reasons to Use Dustless Hardwood Refinishing in Denver

April 25, 2018

Refinishing floors are a great way to bring old flooring back to life. For a fraction of the cost, you will remove old imperfects to restore your floors to their original quality. Even better, you can work with a premier dustless hardwood refinishing in Denver service that will get the job done quickly and neatly. If you are considering replacing your hardwood floors, make sure you learn why to refinish, your hardwood refinishing options and the benefits of using a dustless service.

Why Refinish Over Purchasing New?

One of the top benefits of hardwood flooring is its longevity. Carpet typically lasts 10 to 15 years at max, depending how much foot traffic there is. With hardwood flooring, your investment will last for decades. However, that does not mean it might show its age after time. Luckily for you, as opposed to aged carpet, you can restore hardwood to its original beauty through hardwood refinishing as opposed to replacing them. Refinishing hardwood is the process of sanding down the top of the wood, then putting a new stain on it. This removes scratches, scrapes, and other imperfections—all at a fraction of the cost.

Refinish Options

When you refinish your floors, you do not have to keep them the same stain as they once were. If you loved it, your local hardwood flooring specialist can match it. However, if you would like to mix things up? You can choose from a wide variety of stains to choose one that accommodates your style. Whether you’d like to switch from light to dark, or shiny to matte, refinishing existing options is the best way to bring your hardwood back to life at a price that won’t break the bank. One of your go-to ways to find a new shade or finish for your new project is to explore your nearest hardwood floor gallery.

Using a Dustless Refinishing Company

Some homeowners think about refinishing projects as long and messy. In the past, there was so much dust entailed with a refinish project. Today? You can take advantage of dust-free hardwood floor refinishing. When using a dustless service, airborne wood dust is immediately removed from the area with a dust containment system. This keeps from dust from flying all around the house, which can be problematic and unhealthy for all that live in the home. During the sanding process, dustless refinishing constantly cleans up after itself—while saving time, too. The dustless refinishing process contains dust that would otherwise have to be cleaned allowing you to enjoy your spaces much quicker.

Are you looking to get started on your hardwood refinishing project? TGB Flooring in Denver offers dustless refinishing services that allow you to transform your home at a great cost. Have damaged trim or other wood? Or looking or custom woodworking? We can accommodate those requests too! TGB Flooring has a wide array of hardwood services to make your home vibrant again. Get started today and call us at 303-738-9910 for your free estimate.