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Reasons You Might Need Denver Hardwood Floor Repair Services

August 1, 2018

One of the biggest advantages of hardwood flooring is its durability. This does not, however, mean that it won’t need some attention over the years. There are some common reasons why you might need Denver hardwood floor repair services, and we have listed many of them here.

Sagging or Warped Hardwood Floors

Moisture is no friend of hardwood floors, so if you notice any kind of warping with your hardwoods, your floors need attention immediately. You will need to fix the warped part of your floor, and you will also need to address the reason for the moisture by getting to the source of the problem. This can happen in kitchens, in particular, because of leaky appliances or plumbing issues.

Split or Cracked Hardwood Flooring

Over time, hardwood floors can develop small cracks. Most of the time these can be repaired fairly easily by using angled nails to secure the wood pieces (and follow up with wood putty to camouflage the nail). If you have large cracks, however, it might be time to think about refinishing the floor completely. Our refinishing is a dustless process that offers homeowners much more convenience and much less mess!

Gaps in Your Hardwood Flooring

It’s not uncommon for hardwood floor planks to start showing gaps in between. This is usually normal expansion and contraction from changes in the weather. You might even notice more gaps during some seasons because of humidity levels. Gaps that are thin are usually okay to leave alone—and wait for the weather to change again. But if the gaps become wider than the thickness of a dime, it’s probably time to call in the professionals. (This article from real estate experts out of Boston includes more detailed information about how to tell when to be concerned about gaps in your hardwood flooring.)

Buckling in Your Hardwood Flooring

If the boards in your floor warp and start lifting from the subfloor to which they are attached, this is known as buckling and calls for an expert’s help. You will need to figure out why the buckling happened in the first place so that you can prevent it from happening again once the floor has been fixed and the boards have been reattached to the subfloor.
Whenever you notice problems with your hardwood flooring, be sure to address it immediately so you can protect your floors and your investment.

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