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Tips for Protecting your Hardwood Flooring

August 15, 2018

One of the premier benefits of hardwood flooring in Denver is how easy it is to care for! Hardwood is a great investment to make that will increase the overall value of your home. Plus, it is extremely versatile as opposed to It is important to keep up on your maintenance during the holiday season, and ensure your additional tasks do not hurt the flooring in any way. All it takes is a few precautionary steps and awareness to keep your flooring safe this season. From moving furniture, avoiding scratches, and using a tree, to go-to hardwood cleaning tips, use these tips to maintain the quality of your flooring.

Moving Furniture and Other Scratches

Floor scratches can happen with some of the tasks taken on during the holidays. First, when moving and rearranging furniture, avoid moving furniture directly placed on hardwood. This will help avoid scratches. Instead, there are a few options you can do. Purchase mover pads with a felt bottom at can be placed on the feet of your furniture. Not only will this make your furniture easier to move, but will help avoid scratches and damage too. If you do not have those or are in a pinch, place the feet of your furniture on a rug, towel, or blanket. Also, to expedite the process, make sure you set your plan first before moving. This will be more efficient.

Protection Under a Tree

If your holiday traditions include putting up a tree, take precautions to avoid damage to your flooring. As you set up, use the moving guidelines if you need to move your tree. If using a real tree, make sure to use a stand where you can see the entire base. When adding water, do not let any spills pool on the floor. This can lead to warping. Then as needles fall, you need to sweep them up quickly. If leaving them as-is, it can damage the flooring and become a hazard to those walking in an area. Be sure to learn more on how to place Christmas trees on hardwood floors this season.

Cleaning 101

Throughout the holidays, make sure you are doing your routine maintenance. Sweep or do a light vacuum daily or every couple days to keep dust from piling on the floor. When mopping each month, use a light cleaner that will not damage the flooring. You will only need a light amount of water too. You want to avoid pooling that can lead to warping.  If you do find that your floors have damage, take advantage of local Denver hardwood repair service pro tips.

When it comes to caring for your hardwood this winter, TGB is your top choice for all of your needs. It is best to use our team of experts to ensure the health and safety of your flooring. With services in the Denver metro area, you can find a location near you. Get started today and speak with a member of our team at 303-738-9910.