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Denver Hardwood Repair Services: Are Your Bad Habits Damaging Your Floors?

August 29, 2018

For most people, hardwood floors are one of the most desirable features in a home—and for good reason. Hardwood floors are beautiful, timeless, and last for a good long time. There are different types of species, colors, and widths that can suit every décor you can imagine. Although hardwood floors are durable, they are not indestructible. If you have hardwood floors, your Denver hardwood repair services experts at TBG Flooring advises that you avoid the following bad habits if you want to keep your floors looking gorgeous for years to come.

Bad Habit #1—Not Keeping a Mat in Entryways

When we come in from the outdoors, dirt and tiny rocks can stick to the bottoms of our shoes, which can cause damage to hardwoods. A mat where you can wipe your feet before walking on hardwoods can take care of a lot of this. (Another option is to keep slippers near the door and change out of shoes when you walk in the house.)

Bad Habit #2—Wearing High Heels in the House

As great as high heels look, they can wreak havoc on hardwood flooring. When you wear heels, your weight is unevenly distributed and the heels—especially stilettos—can leave tiny dings in your hardwoods. Protect your floors—and your comfort—by slipping high heels off when you come inside.

Bad Habit #3—Not Using Furniture Pads

Furniture that is well-used tends to shift ever-so-slightly every time someone takes a seat. This can cause scratches to your floor—unless you are using furniture pads. (Along these same lines: Be sure to use rug pads that are specifically designed to protect hardwood floors.)

Bad Habit #4—Using Too Much Cleaner

Liquid and hardwoods really don’t mix, so you should only clean the floors using a liquid cleaner every four weeks or so. Use the cleaner sparingly and make sure to mop it all up. Read this article from the pros at Bona: How to Clean Hardwood Floors.

Bad Habit #5—Not Trimming Your Pets’ Nails

Keep nails well-trimmed to help prevent scratches to your hardwood floors. (On another note: Be sure to clean up any pet messes promptly!)

Bad Habit #6—Not Mopping or Vacuuming Regularly

When dust and dirt are left to settle onto your hardwoods, floors can become scratched over time. This is why it’s crucial to mop or vacuum floors regularly.
If your hardwood floors are already damaged, talk to us about our dustless refinishing services.
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