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What You Should Know About Denver Hardwood Repair Services

October 24, 2018

Hardwood floors are known for their beauty and their durability. But sometimes hardwoods can become damaged. When this happens, it’s time to call in your Denver hardwood floor repair services to keep your hardwoods looking their very best.
Here are some of the most common floor problems—and solutions—you might find yourself facing with your hardwoods.

Planks That Are Split or Cracked

Over time and from normal wear and tear, hardwoods can develop splits or cracks. Often these can be spot repaired with angled nails that are designed to keep the planks together, using a bit of wood putty to hide the repair. This is fine for small cracks; if yours are pretty big, you might want to think about having the floors completely refinished.

Planks That Develop Gaps

Wood expands and contracts over time, depending on humidity levels. Sometimes these are simply the result of the season and will go away when drier weather comes. You can judge thickness by using a dime. Compare the gap to the thickness in the coin; smaller gaps will likely vanish when the weather changes. Wider gaps might need the attention of a professional.

Planks That Are Buckling

When planks lift up from the attached subfloor, there is an underlying problem that cannot be solved with a cosmetic fix. It’s time to call in the pros so they can get to the root of the problem—and fix it for good.

Planks That Are Warped

Moisture is no friend to hardwoods, so if you notice warping, you need to get to the root of the problem as soon as possible. You might have a plumbing leak that needs to be fixed before you address the problem of the warped planks.

Planks That Develop Scratches

If you have pets or kids, you will probably end up with scratches on your hardwoods. For minor scratches, you can purchase hardwood touchup kits at most home-improvement stores. But if the scratches or other damage is beyond a DIY repair effort, you might need to call in the professionals for complete refinishing.
Be sure to keep your hardwood floors clean in order to cut down on potential damage from dust and dirt, which can grind into the floors and cause damage. For more information, take a look at what the pros at This Old House have to say about keeping your hardwoods in good condition: How to Protect Wood Floors—Top Tips for Keeping Your Hardwood Floors Like New.

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