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Dustless Sanding Benefits to Denver Hardwood Floors

November 21, 2018

One of the necessary methods for refinishing hardwood floors and creating that like new look and shine involves sanding the original finish down prior to a new finish application. This process has historically been a long and daunting task, at times causing grief for both the workers and homeowner as dust created from the job required many preparations to a job site. The worker was faced with ventilation issues potentially leading to a hazardous work environment and homeowners worried the dust created would leave a mess to clean up in other areas of the house.

The method also caused many individuals to be displaced for an extended period of time as workers could only move so fast due to the restrictions created from the dust, causing delays and an inconvenience for those that were out of their homes for longer than originally planned. Fortunately, there have been many technological advances within the industry and now a dustless sanding process is available. 

The benefits of sanding hardwood floors are many and this new method has even more advantages over its predecessor including each of the following:
Less Mess

Obviously, the dust created from sanding hardwood floors caused issues for both workers and clients so removing the cause makes things significantly better. By eliminating the dirt and debris created from a thorough sanding process it leaves less mess for the homeowner to deal with in other areas of their home.
Less Time

Not only does removing the byproduct of sanding create a healthier environment all the way around but it also allows for workers to complete their jobs in less time. Instead of being delayed by having to take multiple breaks because of the dust, dirt, and debris created from sanding initially, workers can stay on task and focused on the job at hand, cutting down their time considerably.

Also, when workers previously completed any sanding job, then the clean-up process began. It often took nearly as much time to clean up an area that had been sanded as it did to sand the hardwood floors themselves. This extra time spent cleaning up is eliminated with the new dustless sanding system.

Less time at the jobsite transforms into homeowners being displaced for significantly less time overall. Getting back to normal, everyday living with brand new floors is the goal and now it can be achieved at a faster pace.
Less Expensive

All of the above also correlates to less money out of pocket as those completing the work can be finish faster and labor isn’t added in for any additional clean-up. By eliminating the need to spend time after finishing a job on ensuring that every piece of dust and debris is removed prior to finishing a floor and instead being able to move straight from sanding to finishing - it saves the homeowner money.

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