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Room By Room Suggestions for Preserving Your Denver Hardwood Floors

December 19, 2018

Whether you are remodeling or building a new construction, the floor type that you choose has lasting implications throughout the house. One of the most common and best choices available is hardwood floors but after installation, how can you keep that initial shine? Making them look as great as the day they were installed takes a little work but no more than is required by any other flooring option, and the results are far superior when electing to use wood.

There are many different tips and cleaning methods available for hardwood floors and while making sure you are using a substance specifically designed for the material is important, there are also some additional steps which can be implemented to assist in keeping your hardwood floors looking like new.

These particular steps to preserve your floors also don’t require daily attention. By implementing these design practices throughout each room of your home, the floors you have will keep their shine and continually be in the best shape well into the future.


To keep the flow of an open floor plan in tact, often hardwood floors are installed in kitchens and move throughout the remainder of the house. Hardwood flooring in the kitchen can last a lifetime despite being one of the most high traffic areas of a home.

By placing durable, yet comfortable mats down by areas that receive the most attention - stoves, ovens, sinks, or an island/bar, the wear on your floor will be greatly reduced. Also, ensure any spills or messes are cleaned up quickly to keep your floors looking great.

Dining Room

Similar to the kitchen, gathering around a table may provide the most consistent contact individuals have with the hardwood flooring in your home. For this reason, using a rug underneath the table and chairs is recommended.


Another high traffic area in a home, hallways are a two-way street to the remainder of a home and need to be protected, if possible. A runner is a great way to protect this area but homeowners need to anchor any runners to their wood floor.

Living Room

Installing felt pads on the feet of any furniture can not only make moving or rearranging the living room much easier, but it also serves to help protect your hardwood investment. Another gathering area for family and guests, an area rug may also be considered for even more protection.

Bed Rooms

Just as in the living room, any furniture and especially beds, should be equipped with the felt pads to offer an extra layer of protection. Often, rugs can be used for the bed providing a landing spot for feet of the frame and also a small carpeted section around the bed for those who may have any hesitation about hardwood flooring extending into the bedroom.

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