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Protecting Your Denver Hardwood Floors From Animal Scratches

January 16, 2019

For every person out there who despises having pets indoors, furry friends also find people that are more than willing to take them in and allow them to be an equal part of the family. Pets, both dogs and cats, move in and are often allowed full run of the house, which includes over any hardwood floor surfaces that may be already existent or just installed as part of a new construction project.

Despite their affection for animals, even the biggest pet lover may see an increase in their blood pressure should a dog or cat begin leaving obvious scratch marks across the flooring surface. Created either by habit, losing their own traction, play, or simply walking around these noticeable indentions can both harm the value of a home and cause need for refinishing or replacement if the damage becomes too severe.

In order to prevent scratching from reaching this extreme and keep the peace among a family of animal lovers - each of the following can assist in limiting the potential damage.

Keep Nails Trimmed

The biggest preventative measure to keeping animals from scratching up the surface on a regular basis involves keeping the pets nails trimmed. A clipper or tool can be used as needed but some animals may not appreciate the necessary maintenance - especially if this is an entire new experience for your pet.

If this is the case, try using some inventive ways to avoid having to trim your dog or cat’s nails. Regular walks solid, rough surfaces and other methods can play a big role in making the exercise fun for your pet while protecting your hardwood floor.

Area Rugs and Runners

Covering high traffic areas of the home where pets routinely run or play with rugs, runners, or other decorative pieces will also limit the damage they can do. These covered surfaces provide a protective layer between your animal’s claws and any hardwood floor surfaces.

Nail Caps

If rugs and runners aren’t an option, then nail caps may be the next best thing. These relatively new coverings are similar to gloves or boots for your dogs or cats, but the cap simply covers the claw when exposed. 

Soft paws for dogs is one such item, considered humane and safe for your pet.

Protective Wax and Coating

Another option for protecting your hardwood floor investment is by utilizing a finish or wax coating to overlay the entire surface of a home. There are a variety of products available which can provide another layer of protection without having to conceal the beauty of hardwood floors or change their appearance, shine, or finish.

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