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Baseboard Color Options for Your Denver Hardwood Floors

February 27, 2019

Baseboard color in a home is often an afterthought but can serve a variety of intended purposes if styled correctly. While many people don’t notice the use or color scheme, a well executed plan can help to create an impact when making the decision after installing or deciding to paint the transition piece.

Used in conjunction with the wall, the baseboard allows for different types of floors to be installed without leaving unfinished areas around the wall connection. If not used, then the walls would have to be installed over top of the floors after completion and any changes would be near impossible without complete removal. The baseboard adaptation creates a gap which not only helps with humidity and the expansion or contraction process in reliance to the weather, but also serves as a vital construction component inside the home.

There are essentially three main options when choosing a color for your baseboard and shoe mold pieces. A traditional one color approach that matches everything else throughout the home for a sense of flow or choosing to finish out the baseboard in the same stain as the hardwood floor or color of the wall.


Most homes use a traditional one color approach and typically that is white. A white baseboard fits nicely no matter the carpet/wood floor coloring or wall hue. No matter what color you make base molding, a white border often matches windows and door trims which are also used throughout the home. No matter what color your walls and floors, the white brings everything together and creates a sense of flow throughout the different rooms, even if colored separately. 


While there are a wide array of baseboard styles to choose from, electing the color is something different entirely. By choosing to match the baseboard with the wall, it creates a focus on the floor and while there won’t be a contrast at the intersection, the wall will flow entirely onto the floor. Depending on the color shade, this in itself could create a unique blend and nice feel to the room.


Another option is to have the baseboard match the floor and then begin the wall color. This is especially effective in helping smaller rooms feel larger. By extending the floor color up onto the wall, the perception is that the floor extends beyond its limitations. While effective with both carpet and hardwoods, traditionally this approach is only taken when the color doesn’t result in a sharp change from one surface to the next.

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