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Preparing Your Denver Hardwood Floors for A New Addition

March 27, 2019

Expecting? Many soon-to-be parents, especially first timers, immediately go into over protective mode for their child. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, there are some instances in which parents need to be a little more cautious although extreme measures are not necessary. One of those is with the flooring surfaces throughout your home - specifically, hardwood floors.

Hardwood floors are elegant and extremely durable but may be a bit rough for newborns as they begin to crawl and walk. The smooth surface can be difficult to gain traction for babies, in addition to being a harder surface when falls occur. However, if your home is currently equipped with hardwoods, then there is no reason to panic. Instead of ripping out a solid investment option, consider each of the following to help pave the way for your new child.

In large open spaces such as the dining room or living room, area rugs can serve to provide a nice plush play area for the child. Instead of having increased amounts of solid wood showing, the rugs can assist in the decor process while allowing for a safe play environment. 

Area rugs also provide a two-way street for homeowners, parents, and baby. Not only do they serve to help protect the child but they also benefit the parents by protecting the hardwood floors once the child is old enough to play.

Another option for parents to consider are foam squares which interlock to form a mat and can be used easily throughout the home. These interlocking squares for kids and babies are soft, durable, and help to create a safe play area for little ones. They are also easily put down and removed, making them ideal for quickly creating a safe play space in any area of the home.

Quickly and efficiently applied on top of the existing hardwood floors, these interlocking squares come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Any parent should be able to find what they need for a nursery, living room, or any other space in the home.

Carpet runners placed in high traffic areas not only serve to protect your hardwood floors but they can also make nice “runways” for baby once he or she is mobile. Whether crawling or walking, these long, plush pieces will help eliminate any bruising which could occur from continuously moving about on hardwood surfaces. 

If you’re ready to discuss options about child-proofing your floors or even having hardwood floors installed, repaired, or refinished then look no further than TGB Flooring. Our professionally trained employees have a wealth of experience, can assist with the specifics of which factors will influence any addition to your home, and can help in determining the best aesthetically pleasing color scheme for any room in your house. Serving the Denver and surrounding areas since 1990, TGB will provide assistance in selecting the appropriate look, feel, and direction for your space while providing hands on experience and explanations about the work that you want completed. Contact us today at 303-738-9910 to schedule your free estimate to get started.