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Denver Hardwood Floors Current Design Trends

May 9, 2019

Hardwood floors will always be a timeless consideration for flooring needs inside any property - residential or commercial. Their resilience and long-term capabilities to provide more for an initial investment are unmatched by any other flooring solution. While there have been numerous other surfaces to make a splash on the flooring scene in recent years, there is no comparing any of the new materials to what hardwood can offer.

The best overall, hardwood flooring characteristics expand beyond the prototypical classic wooden look and feel. In fact, there have been many advances in both the installation, upkeep, resurfacing, and daily care of hardwood floors throughout time. Recently, there have been a few newer design trends that are sure to keep wood at the top of the flooring class just as it has been since residential construction began. Following are some of the more current design trends in order to keep you up to date with what is fashionable and favorable right now in interior design.

While oak is typically the most common wood associated with the construction of hardwood floors, there are a few newer features that homeowners are currently considering. One of the most popular is reclaimed wood, or wood that was previously used for another purpose but can be installed to give character and a unique feeling to a home. Bamboo is also making an impression in the flooring world with its lighter color and differentiated texture.

Traditional skinny boards are becoming less familiar as homeowners more readily choose wider planks or even non-traditional patterns. Instead of laying all of the boards parallel to current walls for a flow pattern, many are choosing instead to utilize a diagonal or herringbone design similar to what was popular centuries ago.

Always a personal preference to the owner, there is one color that is becoming more popular than it has been in the past. Grey is skyrocketing in popularity for homeowners putting down new floors in a shift from the more traditional dark and light brown color schemes. One of many stunning hardwood floor options, the color spectrum is growing, even for real wood.

The selected finish is a vital component of hardwood floors and while historically a brighter shine insinuated a better floor - times are definitely changing. Most homeowners now elect to implement a more dull look with a flat or matte finish.

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