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Denver Hardwood Floors: Changing Colors Is Easier Than You Think

May 22, 2019

Hardwood floors are one of the best investments any homeowner can make but often the flooring is already an available option. Depending on the age of your property, even if carpet is prevalent throughout the space, existing hardwood floors underneath is always a possibility. If it happens to be the case where hardwoods exist for you, then implementing their presence into your current floorplan should be a priority.

Even if you have hardwoods that are obvious and easily spotted, implementing a new color may be easier than you think. Hardwood floors can be refinished to look like new but the natural brown color utilized inside many properties is not always the best case scenario. Utilizing a grey or more sedated look could help to enhance the appearance of your home, in addition to increasing the property’s overall value.

If you’re in the market for a new flooring option and have hardwoods already available, or even if you don’t, then consider the fact that a wide array of color options are attainable with the durability and sustainability of hardwood flooring surfaces.

To execute flawless floor sanding, a variety of steps must be followed. Fortunately, sanding the floor recreates the hardwoods’ natural state and from there, multiple options exist in terms of available hues. 

Once the floor is brought back down to its most primal state, implementing a color or desired finish is a relatively easy task.

After the flooring has been reduced down to a natural color, finding a color to refinish the wood in should be a priority for any homeowner. Even if the current occupant has selected an available color, if he/she wishes to change then the time and effort needed isn’t too substantial. 

With little effort, achieving many of the current hardwood flooring trends is attainable with little effort. A simple sanding and new finish application can change the entire look of a home.

After the sanding and finish color selection process, leaving the flooring to settle and obtain its intended color is important. As stated, the desired color may be a process but creating a sample on the natural state of wood, after sanding, can assist in ensuring the complete color desired is attained once applied.

Depending on your intended look, there are multiple color options available for any hardwood flooring surface throughout your home. From white and grey to an extremely dark wood brown color, the potential for change and application to hardwoods is seemingly limitless.

If you’re ready to discuss color options available for your floors or even having new hardwood floors installed, repaired, or refinished then look no further than TGB Flooring. Our professionally trained employees have a wealth of experience, can assist with the specifics of which factors will influence any addition to your home, and can help in determining the best aesthetically pleasing color scheme for any room in your house. Serving the Denver and surrounding areas since 1990, TGB will provide assistance in selecting the appropriate look, feel, and direction for your space while providing hands on experience and explanations about the work that you want completed. Contact us today at 303-738-9910 to schedule your free estimate to get started.