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Spring Advantages to Refinishing Your Denver Hardwood Floors

June 5, 2019

Hardwood flooring is one of the timeless treasures making a return in design trends, demand, and application in many homes across America. For years, homeowners spent their hard earned money covering up their natural looking floors with carpets of many different colors only to realize the value in what was lying underneath.

Surging in popularity and due to their lifetime of use, when properly cared for, hardwood floors continue to be the most durable and reliable choice for many. One of the steps necessary for these type floors to remain in their best shape involves refinishing them and reapplying a coat or stain after the sanding steps. The process is time consuming and historically has been messy, but modern improvements now allow for these procedures to take place without much intrusion or worry for the homeowner at all.

As spring arrives, it presents one of the best opportunities throughout the entire year for those needing to conduct this process to take advantage. Following are a few of the reasons why.

The dustless refinishing process keeps your home free of dust and debris while sanding is taking place. This can be an advantage any time of the year but “spring cleaning” extending to your floors is a great way to remember they need care too.

As warmer weather arrives, opening windows and allowing fresh air to circulate throughout the home can help with the finishing process. This allows for quicker drying times after a stain has been applied.

Spring also allows for a cleaner approach once your floors have been re-done. Instead of having to worry about leaves and snow being trampled across your newly refinished flooring surface, spring presents a better time of the year.

Not only does spring not interfere with your pocketbook associated around holidays at other times of the year but it also helps in terms of moving furniture and other things. This time of year avoids having to fight the battles of decorations and clearing rooms in order to be worked on, in addition to finding a scheduled time for the work to be accomplished. Many people's calendars are far too crowded around the holidays at the end of the year and therefore putting off the refinishing of your hardwoods until spring can be beneficial.

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