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Easy Steps To Protect Your Denver Hardwood Floors

June 19, 2019

Whether you have recently had hardwood floors installed into your home or are refinishing existing surfaces, there are steps to take in order to ensure your investment maintains its new shimmer and shine. Always important is the overall protection of the flooring surfaces and whether or not homeowners are taking appropriate care of their investment.

Hardwood flooring is extremely durable and versatile but there are a few easy steps individuals can take to make certain their surfaces last a lifetime. In order to keep your floors looking great while maintaining that newly refinished shine, consider taking these easy actions.

Door Mat

While it is extremely important that homeowners know how to clean wood floors, there is one simple step that can assist in keeping your flooring surfaces looking new for quite some time. Instead of utilizing a reactive measure and cleaning after dirt and debris has been spread throughout a home, a preventative measure is just as critical.

Utilizing the implementation of a door mat at all entrances can serve to keep your flooring in prime shape. By having family members and guests wipe their feet, much of the dirt and debris can be kept outside instead of being spread throughout the home.

Sun Exposure

Natural light is a benefit and optimum concept for many modern building designs but sun damaged hardwood floors should be a concern. Instead of letting the sun shine directly into the home for hours at a time, consider using blinds or shades to protect your surfaces when not in use. For example, if sunlight is serving a purpose during an event or daily activity then let it go but should it also be present for potential damage during non-use, then keeping windows covered can help keep your floor looking new.

Furniture Pads

Another relatively inexpensive method to keep your floors protected is the use of furniture pads or mats where objects contact the floor. By placing these materials on all pieces of furniture a homeowner can avoid having the constant shifting of chairs, tables, and other objects create unwanted scratches on the floor.

Clean Up

Prompt attention to spills of any variety can also protect the floors. Instead of letting water or any other liquid pool for a given amount of time before being addressed, immediate attention and removal of any foreign agent should be administered.

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