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Happy May from TGB Flooring!

As we wrap up and wind down yet another month here at TGB Flooring—Hardwood floor refinishing, installation and repairs in Denver, Colorado and the Metro area—We are preparing for the summer hardwood flooring season here in Denver. 

All hardwood flooring naturally expands and shrinks throughout the year, depending on humidity levels in the air. So, when is the best time to install a Denver hardwood floor?  

While there are many opinions out there, if you are working with a Denver hardwood flooring expert like TGB Flooring, rest assured we take all steps to ensure your Denver hardwood flooring is properly acclimiated in your home before installed, and that the average level of humidity in your home is determined to reduce any contraction or gapping in the hardwood that could occur.

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If you are interested in Denver hardwood floor refinishing, Denver hardwood floor repairs, or Denver hardwood floor installation, give us a call at TGB Flooring (303) 738-9910 and let us make your summer hardwood flooring project a reality.