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Colorado Hardwood Floors Best Practices

Just as the winter weather leaves your skin feeling dry and cracked, it also has similar effects on your Colorado hardwood floors. Common Colorado hardwood floor damage caused by winter weather includes: Excessive dryness that causes gaps between planks, extreme squeaking-- even mold and mildew!

To help keep your Colorado floors at their best throughout the winter season, try implementing the following best practices into your routine…
  • Keep floors dry: Having exterior brush doormats along with interior plush mats and walking mats will minimize potential damage of foot traffic.
  • Try the Japanese approach: Your guests will be happy to oblige a, “no shoes” policy.
  • Wipe off your furry friend’s paws.
  • Lastly, make it easier on yourself by designating only one entrance during the wet and winter seasons, and keep plenty of towels nearby for pets and small spills.
And remember to call TGB Flooring for all of your new Denver flooring installation, floor refinishing and repairs!