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3 Hardwood Flooring Trends for 2015

Styles may come and go, but a good hardwood floor never goes out of style. Some elements of finishing seem to be on the rise with hardwood flooring in Denver. Here are 3 trends gaining momentum for this year:

  • Dark Stains: Adding a modern vibe to your home, dark wood can help accent your fixtures and cabinetry as well as hide stains and spills.
  • Site-finished flooring: Allowing for more customization of your Denver hardwood floor, site-finishing will always be a popular method for most hardwood flooring companies in Denver.
  • Hardwood in the Kitchen: Extending the hardwood flooring in your home into the kitchen can make your home feel larger. Especially with flooring in Denver, the hardwood is much warmer to walk on with bare feet when the temperature drops.