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3 Reasons to Install Hardwood Floor Over Laminate

While many factors go into the decision to install new flooring in your home, there are a some important key reasons that hardwood floor in Denver proves more beneficial than laminate. Here are TGB Flooring’s top three reasons to install hardwood floors:

  1. Resiliency: Hardwood floor installations in Denver are lasting. Though the years, hardwood will stand up against heavy objects, children, and pets - something that laminate will not do and will need replacing
  2. Ease in Repair: A wonderful quality of hardwood floor is the way it can be repaired. If you have scratches, sanding and sealing will erase them. For small pieces that need replacement, your Denver flooring company can help to do so. 
  3. Water and Moisture: While water affects both wood and laminate, the latter will show more of the damage. Laminate soaks up the water buckles - leaving a bumpy finish on your floor

Apart from the simple aesthetic of a sealed and finished hardwood floor - these reasons can help you make a decision about whether to install hardwood floors in Denver.