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Why Spring is the Perfect Time To Refinish Your Denver Hardwood Floors

It can be challenging to determine what time of year is best to have your Denver hardwood floors refinished - and you don’t want to wait until its past-due. Take the time this spring to have refinishing services scheduled to increase the value of your home. Although dustless refinishing keeps the mess and dust at bay in your home, spring provides a perfect opportunity to air out your home and get some fresh air circulating. The snow has melted, the ground is no longer wet, so the chances of tracking in mud and water are of no concern any longer. 
Although fall offers the same seasonal benefit of little to no outside debris brought in on your shoes, the costs associated with events and holidays toward the end of the year greatly outweigh spring time costs. Take advantage of this break in your budget and add value to your home. Aesthetically, your wood will have a cleaner look and will be rid of scratches and scuffs that occur from boots and winter tools. Contact your hardwood flooring experts at TGB Flooring at 303-738-9910 for more information and details of our hardwood refinishing services in Denver.