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From Forest to Floor – How Trees turn into Hardwood Flooring!

It can be mystifying to realize that your hardwood floors were once standing trees in a forest. The process involves a system of people and nature working together to eventually produce a beautiful hardwood floor. It all begins with the seed transforming to a fully grown tree nearing its retirement age. The tree is typically inspected to ensure it is ready to be cut down (i.e. it will be soon to die/fall by natural processes anyways) and then felled with a chainsaw. Cuts are made at the ends and the branches to create a round log that can be loaded on a truck for transport.

After the logs are cut they are brought to a mill, where the bark is removed and the logs are then placed on a conveyer belt where an enormous saw cuts them into predetermined lengths. A computer can help to analyze the best cuts to be made on the log to maximize the amount of planks that can be retrieved. The wood is then cut to the desired dimensions of the planks to be utilized in homes. To prevent the wood from experiencing decay, the wood must be dried either by air or in a kiln. Once its moisture content has been drastically reduced, they can be further cut and shaped to perfection. The planks are then inspected and graded to be deemed appropriate for home placement. Once a complete set is arranged, they are delivered to your home and ready to be turned into your beautiful hardwood floor.

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