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Best Denver Hardwood Floor Choices for You and Your Pet

If you want to install hardwood floors in your home, but have pets, it’s important you choose the right material to withstand scratches and other pet related damages. Here are a couple tips when choosing an ideal flooring material for your lifestyle:

Install hardwood floors with the toughest finish or the highest Janka hardness score (which measures the resistance of a species to denting and wear).

Many pre-finished factory hardwood flooring comes with a couple layers of finish that creates extra protection.

Certain hardwoods are naturally harder than others. Consider domestic hardwoods like Hard Maple and White Oak. If you want exotic, try Brazilian Cherry or Ipe.

Stay away from softer woods such as Pine, Teak, or Larch.

If you plan on refinishing your floors in the future, choose natural hardwood floors instead of engineered ones. Once there is damage to engineered floors, it’s more or less permanent.

Also keep in mind that liquids aren’t good for your hardwood floors so it’s a good idea to keep your pet’s water bowl on a different surface, if possible. Call your Denver hardwood flooring service today to get an expert opinion on the optimal hardwood materials for your house.