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Common Hardwood Flooring Myths – Understanding Your Materials

Myth #1: Cleaning with a damp mop is the best way to clean a wood floor
Actually, the best way to clean your hardwood floor is a dry microfiber dust mop. It’s ok to use a damp mop occasionally for cleaning, but using it too much can dull a floor’s finish. Make sure that your mop is only damp and not “wet” too much water can damage or discolor the floors.

Myth #2: High-heeled shoes won’t damage a hardwood floor
High heels can be very damaging to a hardwood floor since they hit the floor with a surprising amount of force per inch. Basically, they act as a tiny hammer on the hardwood that even the most durable floor can’t withstand.

Myth #3: I can refinish my own hardwood floor
This is possible to do by an owner, however, it’s risky and without certain outcome. First off, you may not know how thin your floors are or how many times they have already been refinished. A floor that’s been refinished two or three times already must be done by a professional as the sanding must be done with great care.

Myth #4: I should regularly wax my hardwood floors
Quality Denver hardwood flooring that has had finishes applied by professionals does not require waxing. Once you wax your floors, you won’t be able to re-coat them in the future because it will stop a new finish from adhering properly. It’s a tricky process getting the wax off a hardwood floor, and sometimes the only way to remove it completely is sanding down to the bare wood.

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