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What Type of Denver Hardwood Finish is Right for You?

With so many options out there, it can be hard to choose the right finish for your Denver hardwood floor. Here are a couple things that you should consider before making this choice:
  • How durable does your finish need to be?
  • Does you floor need special protection?
  • What do you want your hardwood floor to look like?
With most options, you get a choice of sheen. Generally speaking, the higher the gloss finish, the more noticeable damages will be like scratches and scuff marks. A matte or smooth finish will reflect less light and will give it a more traditional appearance.

Oil-based urethane
Use this finish on places that get heavy traffic as it is easy to maintain. It can also be recoated and ages well.
Water-based Urethane
This finish is non-yellowing and is actually more resistant to moisture than an oil-based finish. It is often used in commercial areas as it has very good durability. It’s fast drying and can also be easily re-coated.
Wax Finish
Wax is one of the easiest finishes to repair if any scratches or damages appear. It does require a little bit more maintenance than water or oil based urethane, but it’s a finish that can last a long time.

These are just a few options when it comes to types of finishes that you can use in your home. Have questions about other choices? Contact TGB Flooring today to find out what finish is right for your Denver hardwood floors.