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Are Engineered Hardwood Floors Right for Your Home?

With all the different types of engineered hardwood flooring on the market, it can be tough to choose the right one. Here are a couple common questions and answers about Denver engineered hardwood floor to help make the decision easier:

What are engineered hardwood floors?
Engineered hardwood floors are made from having 3-12 multiple ply layers that are cross layered, glued, and pressed together and is available in almost any species.
Are all brands of engineered hardwood the same?
No, not all engineered hardwood companies are created equal. It’s a good idea to purchase from a reputable company or let your Denver hardwood flooring company make a recommendation. Many manufacturers use a low quality wood and cheaper bonding glues for their ply layers. Usually, reliable manufacturers stand by their products and offer warranties or repairs if something isn’t right.
Can I install an engineered floor over other flooring materials?
Engineered hard wood floors have a higher resistance to moisture levels than solid wood flooring which makes them ideal for basements. It can also be directly installed over concrete slabs, stapled down over a wood subfloor, vinyl, or tile. Before the installation, make sure that your slab is dry and the moisture content doesn’t exceed 4%.
Are there different styles of engineered flooring?
Along with traditional smooth surface styles, some wood flooring can be purchased that have been hand scraped. This style portrays a worn rustic feel and adds pronounced character to any home.
Contact the experts to learn more about engineered flooring and whether they are right for your home. The TGB Flooring team can walk you through your options and provide sound advice throughout the process. Call us today and get started on your project!