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Bored with Oak Floors? 3 Exotic Denver Hardwood Flooring Alternatives

Did you know that oak accounts for about two-thirds of all installed hardwood flooring in the country? Recently, other exotic types of woods have become increasingly popular, especially from Brazil, Australia, and Asia. One reason for this is the price – it’s becoming more available and affordable. The exotic species lend a broader range of colors so you can use the natural species rather than staining oak to a desired color. Some of the more popular hardwood flooring species are:

  1. Cork – Cork comes in a large spectrum of shades and has a grain similar to oak. It has become popular in homes of elderly people because of its cushioning effect. 
  2. Bamboo – Bamboo has become increasingly popular because of its sustainability in its regrowth. It comes in yellow tones as well as darker shades. The grain also shows a pattern of nodes from the bamboo stalks which creates a unique design.
  3. Brazilian cherry – Slightly more stable than red oak, Brazilian cherry has a coarse grain with a reddish-brown color. Because of its high density, it’s slightly harder to saw, but has great durability.

All of these woods are great alternatives to the traditional oak hardwood flooring. However, it’s good to keep in mind that all wood reacts differently in installation techniques as well as environmental conditions. Contact your Denver hardwood flooring service today to find out which exotic hardwood material is right for your home.