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Softwood Flooring in Denver: The Pros and Cons

Contrary to what the name implies, “softwood flooring” is not necessarily soft, so much as it’s softer than the more common—and durable—hardwoods used in flooring installation. And while durability is a very important consideration when installing your Denver hardwood floors, there may be instances when the look and charm of a softer wood is desired, especially in areas of your home that experience less traffic and/or everyday wear and tear. Find out more about softwood flooring below, along with the 

Pros and Cons:

Softwoods Explained: Softwoods can be an effective flooring material if you happen to live in a home without pets or children, or perhaps have a low-traffic room (or rooms) where it may be appropriate to use, since softwoods are more susceptible to dings and dents than hardwoods. There are many softwood species to consider, including pine—a frequently used softwood in flooring, along with spruce, fir, cypress, cedar, and hemlock, as well as additional species that may be unique to and available in this region.


Softwoods are quite affordable, costing less than both hardwood and vinyl flooring. This means whether you’re installing them in a brand-new home, or as part of a home remodel, your budget will stretch further.

If you’re looking for rustic appeal, softwoods are a great addition to this type of décor or design sensibility, as they will take on a nice “antique” or “distressed” quality over the years.

More environmentally friendly than hardwoods, softwoods are considered a renewable resource in that they grow quickly and can be sustainably farmed and harvested, unlike most hardwoods.Since softwoods are most often installed unfinished, this gives you the creative license to finish them to your liking.


As stated above, softwoods damage more easily than hardwoods, and are not a good choice for high-traffic rooms or areas where scratches and dents are likely to occur. However, some of the damage can be minimized with a few coats of polyurethane.

If refinishing is not how you prefer to spend additional time and resources, then you may not appreciate this aspect of softwoods. In this case, you may be better off with a hardwood floor which is generally installed prefinished.

For more information about wood types and hardness, as well as installation, refinishing, and repair services, look to TGB Flooring in Denver. They can help you make the best choice in flooring to suit your budget and design ideas, whatever your project may be. Call 303-738-9910 for a free estimate.