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The Health Benefits of Denver Hardwood Floors

The Denver area is an ideal place for hardwood floors. The dry climate, along with the scenic views of the Rockies make hardwood floors a natural choice for those along the Front Range who like their home to contain a bit of the rustic, while still maintaining a sense of elegance and style. But, aside from looking beautiful and giving your home a pleasing aesthetic, what are some of the other benefits of using hardwood flooring? Today, we here at TGB Flooring are going to talk about the health benefits of using hardwood floors over carpeting.
  • Allergens: One of the biggest categories when it comes to the health of your home is the presence of allergens. Anyone in your home who is susceptible to allergies knows the daily struggle of dealing with the wet springs of Colorado, as well as the fall harvests. These times of year make those with seasonal allergies buying tissues and eye drops in bulk. If you have carpet, many of these allergens – like pollen, pet dander, and other foreign particles – find their way into your carpet, and the padding underneath. With hardwood floors, there are no fibers and padding for the allergens to build up.
  • Dust mites: Dust mites could possibly be the worst of allergenic culprits. They sit in your carpet and feed off the dust and other microorganisms that get dusted up every time you walk across the room. Even vacuuming cannot even come close to eliminating all the microscopic particles living in your carpeted areas. Colorado winters in homes with carpet tend to carry the seasonal allergies with them, because the cause of the allergies has never gone away. With hardwood floors, there’s no place for these harmful allergens to burrow in and multiply.
  • Ease of Cleaning & Disinfecting: Carpet is next to impossible to ever be considered truly ‘clean.’ The very nature of carpet – being underfoot and providing two to three layers of possible build up – means it will be the surface to collect and redistribute the most harmful substances in your home. The majority of the time the allergens and other particles are simply being transferred from room to room, and from person to person. Hardwood, by comparison, makes it easy to see if there are any larger particles left over after sweeping. Hardwood floors can then be disinfected with relative ease, for hours, or even days of cleaner home living.
Carpet is made using synthetic fibers. Solvents, polymers, and sealers used in the manufacture of synthetic carpets can leave behind harsh residues. These can leach into the baseboards of your home and create slow-building patches of harmful chemicals. Hardwood is a naturally made product without the use of synthetic methods. If you would like to improve the health of your home and family (not to mention the resale value), contact TGB Flooring today at (303) 738-9910 for a free estimate.