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Tips for Your Denver Hardwood Floors and Holiday Parties

The holidays are in full swing here along the Front Range. We’ve had a couple of good snowfalls and family and friends have been coming over to your house. Don’t feel guilty if you’ve found yourself concerned about your Denver hardwood floors. Maybe you just had them installed or recently had them refinished. Don’t worry. There are some things you can do before the cavalcade of holiday feet – both big and small – come running around and through your home and on every square inch of hardwood floor you have. There’s going to be some wear and tear, but follow TGB Flooring’s tips and you can mitigate the damage.
  • Quality Finish is a Sound Investment – This might be the single best thing you can do for your hardwood floors to keep them protected through the holidays. If your floors are protected with a good finish then you have an extra layer of protection against scratches, dents, dings, and liquids like spills and melting ice or snow brought in from outside.
  • Careful when Moving Furniture – Improperly moving furniture is the biggest contributor to major hardwood floor damage (second only to high heel shoes). If you have hardwood floors, you might be tempted to slide your furniture across the smooth and easy surface. This is where the damage comes in. It is imperative you lift any furniture to move it when making room for decorations or planned functions. Furniture pads add even more protection to ease your worried mind.
  • Doorway Mats – The Denver area has already seen some good snows already this holiday season. The deeper in winter we go, the worse the weather usually gets. Snow, ice, and rain are all likely culprits in the unpredictable climate of the Front Range. Durable mats for your holiday guests to wipe their feet, or even remove their shoes, will keep the amount of moisture brought in to a minimum. It will also keep the dirt and mud from getting any further than your threshold.
  • Area Rugs for the Season – The summer months in Colorado are much more bearable with hardwood floors. The winter months, on the other hand, can make your floors as cold as a mountaintop. But, placing some area rugs can make for an even more festive season and protect your floors from the heavy foot traffic and accidents. Runners throughout your hallways are also a good idea for the holiday season. The best part about using rugs for your holiday gathering is how easy they are to store until your next party.
If you’d like to have your hardwood floors refinished for your holiday party, give TGB Flooring a call today at (303) 738-9910, or contact us here. We’ll be happy to come out and take care of all your hard flooring needs and make them look their best for your when your family and friends come to visit this holiday season.