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Stylish Colors and Finishes for Hardwood Floors in Denver

TGB Flooring has been serving the greater Denver Metro area as your hardwood flooring expert since 1990.  Each New Year brings new trends, and that includes hardwood flooring!  We’ve compiled the top Denver hardwood flooring color and finish trends we’ve seen emerge.  Refinishing your hardwood flooring is no longer the inconvenient, messy process it used to be thanks to our Dustless Refinishing.  When you refinish your floors, it is the perfect time to make any needed repairs as well as make color changes with custom stains and update the look of a room with a matte finish.   

Trending Hardwood Floor Colors: It may seem contradicting that both dark and light colored stains are trending at the moment.  Everyone has their own taste and sense of style, and the color of your hardwood floors set the stage of your design style.
  • Dark Color:  Make a bold design statement by using a dark hardwood floor.  Espresso, ebony, dark walnut, and jacobean are beautiful dark stains that will add a refined look to any room.   The dark color enhances the natural grain of the wood and add depth perception, creating a larger space.  The richness of color adds the perfect balance of modern and contemporary, traditional, or classic.  Dark hardwood floors are a beauty to be seen in natural light as each board displays a unique look as the sun lights it from different angles, adding another dimension of magnificence.  
  • Light Color:  After dark flooring, light hardwood floors rank the second most popular color choice.  The warm wooden floors offer a versatile design canvas, adding an open look to any room.  The classic natural wood color can be styled as rustic with accented design elements or mix in accent features made of chrome for a modern look.
  • Gray Tones:  Gray floors can highlight your personal style, whether it may be sophisticated-contemporary or rustic-chic.  The gray color does not overpower other colors, making it the perfect neutral canvas for your personal style.  It is also a surprising color, making your floors an exciting design and conversation piece.  Finished gray hardwood floors highlights the natural grain of the wood and adds an extra texture.
  • White-washing: White walls and white hardwood flooring are ideal for either a classic or modern minimalist design, emphasizing key art pieces or design elements.  The white flooring also quiets a room; design elements can quickly add clutter, even if it is only visual.  Silence the room with a clean, calm white floor that does not distract from your eye.  White wood flooring can also add a unique distressed look to any room. 
Hardwood Flooring Finishes:
  • Matte and Satin Gloss Finish:  Matte and satin finishes adds a contemporary element.  High gloss finishes tend to show dirt, scratches, and footprints, which makes maintaining wood floors a hassle.  It is easy to see why matte and satin finishes are gaining in popularity for their ease of maintenance and cleanliness.  It is important to keep in mind that not all species of hardwood produce the same amount of sheen.  Changing the style of your home is simple with TGB Flooring, as we are proud to offer dustless refinishing of your Denver hardwood floors.   
Your hardwood floor sets the stage of your design style and can completely transform the style of the room.   When it comes to hardwood flooring color and finish trends, furniture and paint colors drastically affect what is in style.  While the popular trends will continue to change, the elegance of hardwood flooring will never go out of style.  No matter what style or trend you gravitate towards, know that installing Denver hardwood floors is an investment in your home.  If you are ready to make the next step and update your flooring, contact the experts at TGB flooring today.  Let us help you navigate through the trends and choose what works best for you and your family.