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Spring Cleaning for Your Denver Hardwood Flooring

The warm spell over Denver has us daydreaming about spring, and we have some key tips to help you with your spring cleaning this year.  With the change of seasons, it is the perfect time to clean and restore your property.  Spring is a busy time of year for both home and business owners, and restoring your property back to its shimmering splendor can be stressful.  With our tips, we hope to remove the stress of spring cleaning when it comes to your Denver hardwood floors to ensure the best result.

Using the right cleaning product -   The average household has an arsenal of cleaners at the ready, but many are unaware that many products affect your Denver hardwood flooring negatively!  The first step in choosing the best cleaner is knowing what the finish of the hardwood flooring is. 
  • For surface-sealed hardwood, a simple sweep followed by a damp mop cleanup with a cleaning solution is ideal.  The best cleaning solution for surface-sealed flooring is a pH neutral soap, like dishwashing soap. 
  • However, if the hardwood is not surface-sealed, it’s best to not use a mop as these floors are more prone to water penetration and can be damaging over time. Paste waxes and wax strippers are ideal for non surface-sealed hardwood flooring.
  • Whether your flooring is surface-sealed or not, always clean your hardwood flooring with a damp mop.  If using a cleaning solution or a home-made eco-friendly solution, always damp the mop first with the cleaning solution and never apply water directly to your hardwood.  Water is harmful to hardwood flooring, and using too much water can leave your floors prone to damage. Never use acrylic waxes, ammonia, or acidic products / cleaners on hardwood flooring, regardless of the finish.  These finishes will damage your hardwood flooring. 
Using the Right Vacuum - It’s important to regularly dust and vacuum your Denver hardwood flooring to keep it looking its best.  While your vacuum may remove the dust and dirt from carpets, the same vacuum may be denting and scratching your hardwood flooring overtime.   This damage makes your once-pristine hardwood floors look heavily trafficked and worn.
  • When shopping for a vacuum, look for cleaners with heads made of felt or is a brush.  It seems like new vacuuming technology is emerging every day, but routinely using microfiber dusting pads easily keeps hardwood floors clean and dust-free, without leaving scratches and dents behind.
Spring cleaning isn’t the only time to spruce up your flooring, with regular cleaning maintenance you can preserve the timeless look of your hardwood floors.  If unsightly scuffs are marking your hardwood flooring, simply sprinkle baking soda and scrub with a damp sponge until the marks are removed.  If the finish has lost its lustrous shine and seems dull, or if you’ve noticed cracks, dents, or scratches that need repairing, call your Denver hardwood flooring experts at TGB Flooring.  Don’t let the nightmare of dust from refinishing prohibit you from refinishing your floors!  We offer dustless hardwood floor refinishing, as well as repair and restoring services.  TGB Flooring brings state of the art equipment to your Denver hardwood flooring installation or refinishing job.  When it comes to care and maintenance of your flooring, contact TGB Flooring for expert craftsmanship, quality, integrity, and value.