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Spring Break: Perfect Time to Refinish Denver Hardwood Floors

The best time to refinish Denver hardwood floors is before you move into your new house. However, if you’re already occupying said house, then the next best time hardwood refinishing is while you’re on vacation. Spring break offers the perfect time to get away from the stress of everyday life and come back to a beautiful hardwood floor that looks like new.

You’ll need to plan for this so everything proceeds smoothly. Once you’ve got your vacation arranged and kennel care confirmed for the house pets, it’s time to move furniture and rugs. Clear the floor so your contractor has unimpeded access and the work can be completed as quickly as possible. If your house has insufficient space to accommodate the moved furniture, then it may be best to use a temporary storage service. Refinishing a hardwood floor takes about a week, so add in an extra day or two for time to clear the space.

Because wood is a natural product, weather conditions, especially humidity affect it. You may have noticed gaps between floorboards in winter, some warping in summer. Although March is notorious for its unpredictable weather, many homes these days come equipped with humidifiers and air conditioners that keep humidity levels constant and indoor temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit--perfect conditions for refinishing hardwood floors.

If your hardwood floor still shows winter cracks between the boards, they need moisture. Get a humidifier and increase the ambient humidity inside the house. If the floorboards have warped during their seasonal expansion and contraction process, then they need additional attention from a professional flooring contractor.

If refinishing the floors is part of a larger remodeling project, then it’s best to paint the walls and install new cabinetry before the contractor arrives, especially if you want to change the color of your floor to coordinate with the fresh, new look of the remodeled space.

Before the contractor arrives--and you leave for that well-deserved vacation--get your hardwood floor in the best condition you can. Clear the floor of dirt, pet hair, and other debris. Floor care specialists advise against mopping, as that leaves too much water which can penetrate the wood and damage or discolor it. Sweep or vacuum, then use a cloth dampened with a recommended hardwood floor cleaning product. Clean light stains by rubbing with a damp cloth; leave the scrub brush for tougher materials.

Damaged flooring can be repaired, sometimes necessitating the removal of damaged wood. A professional contractor like TBG Flooring has the skill to make those repairs unnoticeable by carefully matching and integrating new wood into the existing floor.

While you’re gone, you will want to keep in regular contact with the contractor, who should be licensed and bonded. Regular contact will show your diligence in following every step of the refinishing project. You may even ask a trusted neighbor or relative to stop by the house to check on the job and field any questions.

Hardwood floors add timeless beauty to any house. You can rely on TBG Flooring to install a new floor or refinish and repair an existing floor in your home. Call (303) 738-9910 for a free consultation to revitalize your tired, old floor for a fresh new season.